Improvement in Manson and Guar Seed & Guar Gum Prices in 2014-2015

Last month it was seen decline in price of guar seed and guar gum.  Condition will be remain under pressure up to next six months. The use of guar gum and its derivatives will come down in next six months. 

The improvement in the mansoon is major factor to keep the prices under control up to next 6-8 months.  Fear of poor monsoon has gone away from the mood of farmer, trader and the processor. The improved Monsoon will support farmer as it will keep his farm expenses lower. The arrival of other commodities will also increase the  business of trader and processor, The profit from other commodities will keep liquidity  in the market and there will be money in the hand of farmer, So there will be no major pressure of liquidity  on single  Guar seed commodity o. In this improved monsoon condition it is expected that  prices of Guar seed will be remain under pressure. Guar seed prices can come in the bracket of 3500-4500 in year 2014 - 2015. 

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