Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Guar gum export has declined 38.47% as compared to last quarter( Jan-15, Feb-15 and March-15)

After analysing exports data from reliable sources, it was found that there is decline in guar gum export. There is sharp decline of 38.47% during this quarter as compared to last quarter and there is also 14.24% decline in export in guar gum as comparison to last year.

Export of guar gum decline as compare to last quarter, this year (2014-2015)

                            Export  Decline as compare to last quarter , This year
35690. 737 MT
27763.292 MT
41123. 216 MT
26453.050 MT
42112.359 MT
18959.028 MT
118926.312 MT
73175.370 MT
Total Down fall  in this quarter as  compared to last quarter (-) 45750.942 MT
Percentage downfall in export as compare to last quarter  (-)  38.47%

Post harvest practices of guar gum seed (cleaning & removal of  husk and other foreign particles ) 

Export of guar gum decline as compare to Last year (2013-2014) in the same Quarter

                            Export Decline as compare to Last year in the same Quarter.
28422702  MT
27763.292 MT
28145285  MT
26453.050 MT
28759146  MT
18959.028 MT
85327133 MT
73175.370 MT
Total Down fall  in this quarter as  compared to last quarter (-) 12151.763 MT
Percentage downfall in export as compare to last Year same quarter  (-)   14.24%

Guar gum seed is becing packed in bags for warehousing 

Global demand of guar gum has come down. During last quarter export was increased as compare to previous quarter. After in depth  analysis it was found that Indian exporter opened their subsidiary and stocked material in importing countries, now that stock is not cleared and sharp decline has noticed in guar gum export.

In coming days rate of guar gum and guar seed may further come down. Rs 2500/100 Kg for guar seed and Rs 6500/ 100kg for guar gum may be a bottom line. There are no chances of further improvement in rate even in next year. As per climatic condition, monsoon will be good this year and  guar crop will be is good condition. Carry forward stock of guar seed and new crop arrival will make it over supply condition.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Guar Seed &Guar Gum may become hot commodity, If demand rises from other than Oil &Natural Gas industry

During this week Guar Guar gum seed and Guar gum prices are improving slowly and slowly in future market as well as in spot market. If we analyse the entire factors we will find that things are not in favor of prices rise. First time in history there are crude oil inventory crises in USA. There is over production of crude in USA. This over production is continuing means there is not storage available for new production. In coming future crude prices may crash to a new lower level of this year. Demand of new guar is not so hot. Existing contract may keep going but there are lesser chances of further demand rise. 

      Guar gum seed prices in sport market from 1st October, 2014 to 25th March, 2015.

At Supply side there is sufficient production and there can be a carry forward of 15’000’000 Qt Guar seed (15 Million bags) for year 2015-2016 from year 2014-2015. In worst case scenario there is sufficient stock of guar seed to cover the demand of guar gum domestically and internationally. As per early data released by Govt we find that there will be good monsoon during this year. Cotton is parallel crop of guar, which is also not preforming well. 
During this year farmer will prefer Guar over cotton especially in irrigated area. International rating agencies are giving prediction of improvement in Indian economy. It will lead to Rupee strengthen against USD. If INR will strengthen then there will be low Rupees inflow.

Mature guar crop ready for harvest in Farm in Rajasthan 
There is hope from domestic consumption. At lower price, application of guar gum may increase in other industries. At low price Guar gum will be affordable for other industries. If total share of other industries  increase up 50 %, than oil and natural gas industry, then guar guar may become a hot commodity for long term basis. Guar meal and Guar Korma will also give a strong support to guar seed prices. Currently guar Korma and Guar Churi is preforming very well in comparison to last years and guar gum. Churi Korma will always work as base line for Guar seed price.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Гуаровая камедь (гуаровая семян) культивирование консультирование в России

Гуаровая камедь (гуаровая семян) культивирование консультирование в России

Гуаровая камедь (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) или гуаровая семян формируется как крупных промышленных культур. Гуаровая камедь порошок производится из семян Гуара. Гуаровая камедь порошок имеет широкое применение в различных отраслях промышленности. Основное требование гуаровая камедь порошок является производным от нефтяной и газовой промышленности. Гуаровая камедь порошок используется в гидравлических ГРП процесс для производства сырой нефти. Гуаровая камедь порошок также используется в пищевой промышленности. Он широко используется в обработанных пищевых продуктов.

Смолы гуаровые (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) или гуаровая семян является культурой 90-120 дней. Он может культивироваться в состояние доступности воды. Управление фермой очень проста. Она не требует регулярного сельскохозяйственной практики в ферме.

Полное решение для крупных высокотехнологичных механические культивирования, sourcing доброе семя, полный фермы разработки и управления, обработка семян гуар гуар Сплит, гуаровая корма, гуаровая Churi, гуаровая камедь порошок, снабжением гуар продукции, профессиональной подготовки и экспозиции тур, Международная сертификация качества, окраски исследований и разработок.

Мы являемся ведущим сельского хозяйства / АПК эксперт, который обеспечивают постоянство гуаровая камедь (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) или гуаровая выращивания семян. Мы успешно осуществили проект в Индии, Индонезии России, Европы, Танзании, Судана и т.д. Наша команда будет помочь вам в приобретении хорошее качество семян, земля подготовки, семена посев, управления орошением, насекомых управления, борьбы с вредителями, почвы питательных веществ и гуаровая уборки зерновых. Наша команда поможет также выбор земельного участка, финансовое планирование для управления проектами, хранения и склад.

Наш эксперт имеет полный опыт работы под полный механический культивирования, контролируемой ирригации, механическому сбору, механического применения инсектицидов и пестицидов в 100-200 гектаров большой. Наш эксперт может также помочь понять обработки семян гуар в гуаровая камедь, затем разделить гуаровая камедь порошок.

Гуар используется также в скот кормить промышленности, оставаясь частью Гаур семян после обработки в гуаровая камедь порошок используется в корма для скота. Он богат белком и клетчаткой.

Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами для получения более подробной информации.

Friday, 6 March 2015

How long Guar seed and Guar gum will remain stable in market ?

In local market guar remained stable after a regular bullish trend.  In future market dropping crude oil gave a halt to rising prices to guar prices in spot and forward market. As per earlier prediction crude was suppose to go upward. Traders and exporters consider crude an important factor for demand of guar gum.

Crude is based of energy industry. Any type of movement will put an impact to input products. Guar is considered as demand driven input. After harvesting of guar crop, supply side figure balance at a level.

From July to December Guar behave as supply driven product and form January to June Guar behave as demand driven product. Guar will remain as a weak commodity up to June. After June it may behave as strong commodity with the negative data of rainfall.

During current period impact of crude prices will be seen clearly on guar prices. Any further demand of guar Korma and Churi may also affect price of gaur.

Unexpected price fall of crude oil may push guar seed prices below 3000 and guar gum prices below 7500 at current level of oil prices guar seed and guar gum will remain below 3500 and 8500 at the time of March contract realization. If crude prices drop further then it may drop below the level of 2500 and 7500.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monsoon / Rainfall will be better in this year Will it increase in guar gum cultivation area in india ?

Guar is stable but within last two days guar has recovered very fast in physical market.  Guar seed has gained Rs 100 and Guar gum Rs 200. It is also noticed that guar gum is recovering faster than guar seed. There is high volatility in future market but in spot market it is improving slowly and slowly.

In rising price condition farmers/small traders are holding the stock in perception of further price rise. As per meteorological data released by Govt it is expected that rainfall will be better in this year. Manson will be normal.

Guar gum cultivation in India ( Farmer is doing plant protection ) .  

But gaur it also under direct influence from crude industry. At another side USA is also putting pressure on Iran to not continue his Atomic Program. Might be there can be some agreement to halt production of crude oil to save economy of Iran. Oil economies are facing tough conditions.

In long term Guar will emerge as an important exportable commodity. Guar needs an undisputed demand. In this year overall situation of gaur can’t be said as satisfactory, because there is a heavy volatility in this year though it was effect t of international political situation.

Guar industries need more professionalism, more organized industry more RD oriented industry. It must be come out be presented as product instead of commodity.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Guar seed and guar gum is improving with rising Crude prices.

Guar is improving after a consistent rise in crude prices during last week. Crude prices are improving regularly. It is giving strength to guar prices. Guar seed improved by Rs 100 and guar gum by 300 Rs in local physical market. It is also improving in future market.

Energy prices in international market are giving strength to guar prices. Buy if energy price keep moving downside in international market then it may further crush but if happen up side then Guar prices may cross the level of Rs 10,000 for guar gum and RS 4500 for guar seed with in march contract.

Guar Seed and Guar gum cultivation in India- Guar Agriculture Farm.  

It will give double strength in next month as gaur supply from farmer will almost stop for two month and at rising price supply will very tight in trend of more margin making.

Pictures will more clear after crude will cross the level of 70 USD/barrel right now crude is being moving around 61 USD/barrel.

At rising price all entire stack holder will hold the commodity but if prices goes down then ever one will release the commodity.