Guar Gum at Lowest level after December 2010

Guar gum has slide down at lowest level after December 2010.  Yesterday the rate of Guar gum in Jodhpur Market was below INR 6000/100 Kg, which was at lowest level after December, 2010. Prices of Guar Seed has also slide down below 3200 In Local Agriculture market of Jodhpur and Ganganagar.

More that 70% Guar gum is used in Oil and Natural Gas industry. Prices of crude oil is also at lowest level.  Demand of Guar Gum has slide down drastically from Oil and Natural Gas Industry. It is peak time of Energy demand but prices are lowest level. There are no any chances in recovery of crude oil prices till next winter  ( November,2016  to March- 2017).

Pressure from crude prices will always reflect in  Indian Guar Gum Industry. Lean period in Indian Guar gum industry will keep going up to 2017. 

It is very critical time for new industries. Most of new plants are closed.  It has become very difficult to recover the processing cost even for old plants. Physical stocking  is main loss making activity for the industries.

Farmers are in demoralized with this price of guar gum.  Some farmers have stock for two three years , they are in heavy loss.  Industry need some new initiatives in R&D and exploration of new market except Oil and Natural Gas Industry.  Dependency on Oil and Natural GAS Industry Must Come down below 50 % for sustainability in Guar  Industry.