Advance Estimate of Guar ( guar gum ) Seed Production in India in year 2014-2015

Most of advance estimate has been released in guar growing states of Rajasthan, Haryan and Gujarat for the year 2014-2015. 2-3% guar seed production comes from rest of states. The final tally of estimated  guar seed production is as follows.

S.N.                                   State                                               Production ( MT)
1.                                   Rajasthan                                               1339806
2                                    Haryana                                                   340000
3                                    Gujarat                                                     179100
4                                    Others                                                      100000
 Total Estimated Guar ( Guar gum ) Seed  Production               1'958'906 MT

The share of other state of has assumed around 5 % as productivity and production are is very low in Rajasthan.  We are estimating that in this year  there will be around 19'589'060 Bags around 20 Million Bags or ( 2 Crore Bags of 100 kg each). As per my estimate I am expecting a upward correction in guar seed production data of Rajasthan. 

The estimated yield is very lower than last year but overall condition  is not problematic or pathetic. It is satisfactory production. It  can easily complete the demand of  guar gum of world by adding teh cary forward stock of last year.  .

Advance estimate of Guar gum ( guar seed) production-year 2014-2015 in Gujarat shows down fall trends in comparison to last year

Gujarat govt has release the data of Guar gum ( guar seed) crop cultivation area. As per data there is estimate that guar crop is sown on 298'500 Hectare.  This year Guar gum ( guar seed) cultivation area in Gujarat state is  36.8 % lesser than last year, but it is more than before last year (Year-2012-2013).

Advance estimate of Guar gum ( guar seed) production-year 2014-2015 in Gujarat

(Guar data are highlighted in red)


S.N.              Year                  Area (Hectare)             Production (MT)              Yield (Kg/Hectare)

1                  2009-10                132'700                          44'700                                 337

2                  2010-11                124'600                          73'000                                 586

3                  2011-12                128'300                          74'500                                 581

4                  2012-13 #               240'000                        --------                                  ----

5                  2013-14 #              472'600                         --------                                  ----

6                  2014-15 *              298'500                         179'100                                600

     * 2014-15 data is as per estimated crop cultivation area  data released by Gujarat state govt.
     # Production data and yield data are not mentioned as I dint get any reliable information

Last year climatic condition were in favor of guar crop cultivation so guar crop cultivation area was increased but in this year the crop cultivation area is more than state govt targets. This year state govt targeted 283'500 Hectare.

Guar seed production area, Production quantity and yield of last few years 

As per an average yield of 600 kg / Hectare we are expecting 179'100 MT guar seed production from Gujarat state.  Which is less than last year but it is more than average. The production estimate is positive. The Guar gum ( guar seed) production is not bumper in Gujarat this year but it is above the average of last years.  There are three  Major Guar growing states Rajasthan, Haryan and Gujarat.

Advance estimate of Guar gum ( guar seed) production-year 2014-2015 in Haryana shows down fall trends in comparison to last year

Advance estimate of Guar gum ( guar seed) for year 2014-2015 Production in Haryana is showing down trends. As per State govt estimate of  cultivation area for guar crop is around 3,40,000 Hectare  which is  29% lesser than last year. Last year guar crop cultivation area was 4,81,000 Hectare.


S.N.              Year                  Area (Hectare)             Production (MT)              Yield (Kg/Hectare)

1                  2011-12                215'000                          290'000                                  1350

2                  2012-13                388'000                          278'000                                   718

3                  2013-14                481'000                          369'000                                   767

4                  2014-15                340'000                          340'000                                 1000

                (* data of 2014-15 is on this basis of estimate Sourced from State Govt.)

Estimated production for 2014-2015 is 3,40,000 MT which is 7.8 % lesser than last year. Last year production was 3,69,000 MT. As per estimate productivity has increased this year . This year productivity is 1000 Kg/Hac which is 30 % more than last year. Last year productivity was 767 Kg / Hac.

  ( Guar data are red highlighted )

Haryana contribute 20 % of total production so this variation will not be too much in total production of guar seed of India. 

Advance estimate of Guar gum ( Guar seed) Crop production - Year 2014-2015 in Rajasthan is negative in comparison to last year.

As per advance estimate data of Guar gum ( Guar seed)  Crop production -  for year year 2014-2015 released by state government is totally negative and it show that there will be sharp decline in the guar production.


S.N.              Year                  Area (Hectare)             Production (MT)              Yield (Kg/Hectare)

1                  2011-12                3'095'869                          1'847'713                                  597

2                  2012-13                4'526'368                         2'023'096                                447

3                  2013-14                5'071'099                         2'863'055                                 565

4                  2014-15                3'212'965                         1'339'806                                 417

                (* data of 2014-15 is on this basis of estimate Sourced from State Govt.)

All three factors Cultivation area, Production and productivity (Yield) of this year are lowest in last four year. These data are for Rajasthan State Only.


( Guar data  in red highlighted row ) 

In initial estimate of sowing area were showing positive pattern.  But first estimate of production is negative. There is 53 % drop in production as compare to last year. There is 36 % drop in cultivation area as compare to last year. There is 26 % fall in yield or productivity.


                                                                   ( Guar data  in red highlighted row ) 

Last Two year there was good sowing and bumper crop due to favourable climatic condition from first rainfall to maturity.  If we compare these data with 2011-12 then situation is normal. Year 2011-12 was normal in context to Guar production.

The final picture will come after harvesting and commodity arrival in market but initial picture is not good.

Final condition of guar seed ( Guar Gum ) crop after return of manson

Manson is over from most of guar growing belt.  There are minimum chances of any major rainfall. Guar gum ( seed ) crop conditions are clear now. In this year production will be normal there is no any news of major crop damage. In Haryana there can be some damage due to excessive rainfall, but that will be in the limit of 10%. Overall Haryana produce 20-22 % of total Indian guar production so the 0 % variation will be not more than 2 - 2.2 % of total production.

Some people can compare this year (14-15) production with last year year (13-14) production. Last year production was bumper in timely rainfall condition.  This year production of gaur will be above the normal.

There were drought conditions initially.  Sowing started very late.  This drought condition gave an option to farmers to grow guar instead of other water intensive crop like cotton, paddy in irrigated area of Haryana, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh and Bikaner.   In rain fed  area situation was in the same direction , farmers of Rain fed area  preferred Guar crop over the other crop like Bajara ( pear millet) , Moong (Green Gram) Moth .It is  

The late rainfall was sufficient for sowing. After sowing there was a long dry period, which was very critical condition but it saved guar crop from any disease and pest attack. In mid of cropping season rainfall was very low but it was on regular interval as per required. In this condition vegetative growth of plant didn’t effected too much.


Last rainfall was also normal.  It was heavy in some part especially in Haryana. In cotton growing area, due to heavy rainfall and regular irrigation there was condition of water logging and disease outbreak. But due to short rain fall period, it improved very fast.  There is news of minor damage against the fear of heavy damage. Guar crop affected least in adverse climatic conditions. Early sowing crop will be ready to harvest if weather conditions are clear with high temperature, the crop may mature within 10-15- days.

Late sowing crop way take time.  it may mature around last week of October especially in rain fed area. Crop is in good condition. Now there is no requirement of water or rainfall. Crop need clear weather and bit high temperature to mature timely.

Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation in india : Re-activation of Monsoon in Rajasthan specially in western Rajasthan

Since last four five days monsoon has activated in Rajasthan, It is equally distributed through out Rajasthan, specially in western  Rajasthan. Western Rajasthan is major guar growing belt. This rainfall is very important for flowering initiation. There was a sufficient gap between first Manson rainfall and this rainfall. The bigger gap will save the crop from attack of disease and pest. Second rainfall is very important, every thing has been changed. Now plant will bear more flowers and pods. 

This year I am expecting 10-15% increase in production as compare to last year. Cultivation area has also increased this year. There is 100 % chances of bumper crop. The climatic condition were totally in favor of crop. Due to rainfall temperature has gone down so there is less chances of nay major disease out break. Yesterday I visited one farm it was in very good condition.

guar seed ( Guar Gum) Cultivation in India
Guar seed ( Guar Gum Cultivation in India)
 The rate of guar is also stabilizing slowly and slowly . Investors are advised to keep away from speculative information and blind trading. Rate of guar seed will touch the level of INR 3750- INR 4000/ 100 Kg. Central Govt is preforming well, that will lead to price stability and new investment in guar gum industry.  

Guar seed ( Guar Gum Cultivation in India)
Guar seed ( Guar Gum Cultivation in India)

Guma guar (nasiona Guar) uprawy Consultancy Polska

Guma guar (nasiona Guar) uprawy Consultancy Polska

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Guma guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) lub nasiona guar jest 90-120 dni. Może być uprawiany w stan dostępności wody niskiej. Zarządzania gospodarstwem jest bardzo proste. Nie wymaga praktyki regularne rolnictwa w gospodarstwie.

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