Guar is low investment / cost of cultivation crop. Guar gum seed cultivation is still profitable at the Rate of Rs 3000

Guar seed and guar gum strengthened in local market. Guar Gum improved Rs 300 and Guar seed 150. Guar is going through a lot of speculation and instability but in a long term prospective it is moving down side since arrival of new crop. Comparatively guar is still a profitable crop for farmers and processors. If we compare it will other crop of the guar growing region we will find that guar is low investment / cost of cultivation crop.

Due to mismatch is demand and supply it is facing high volatility in this commodity. Since four year it is regularly going down and down. Still guar is looking a neutral stability point. Before father hike and drop guar will stable at that point for 4-5 months. For guar Rs 3000 is neutral point where guar will stable in coming time.

Guar gum cultivation in India  ( Guar Gum Farming ) 
Mean while guar will face a liquidity position in March and April. Might be a group of trader can try to speculate it toward upper side so that they can get more fund for their stock. 

In processing point of view guar need a stable point so that fresh investment can be done toward technology up gradation side and Research side. Right now guar is facing a crisis of investment. It is clear that in coming time guar industry will be more professionalize and organize.

In international prospective Demand of guar will come down during next quarter. Winter will be ended in next month so demand of energy will also come down. Existing rigs will minimise their production. Demand of Natural Gas and crude will also come down during defiantly it will tighten the availability of fund for guar.

Guar seed & Guar Gum may crash down Guar seed at Rs 2500 and Guar gum at Rs 6500

Guar slipped further to touched further lowest level. It was supposed to stocking activity at lower level. But it is being more vulnerable. Guar is reacting further down fall at sliding prices.  Today Guar gum slipped around 300 and guar seed around 100. Now it is clear that very soon it will touch level of 6500 in Guar gum and 2500 in guar seed. Guar gun export in year 2014-2015 will come down in comparison to last year.

While discussing with Mr Kamal Gupta from Alwar, it was noticed that middlemen, traders and stockist are holding huge stock. Now this complete stock will come in market at low price. These traders will require further cash for Rabi crop trading activity. In expectation of good prices most of stack holder in Indian guar gum industry are having huge stock at every level.

Guar seed Guar Gum Cultivation In India . Guar seed and Guasr Gum will crash down.

Chain start from farmer some farmers are maintaining the stock since 3-4 years. One can easily find one-two farmer who has around 500 Bags in guar growing belt, after that one can find 5-6 Farmers who have 100-150 Bags in every village after that 10-15 farmers who have stock of 50-60 Bags. One can easily find that most small farmers are having stock of 10-15 bags. The same situation is with trader and stockist. A normal trader is having a stock of 1000-1500 Bags and most of guar split processing factories are having a stock of 15000-20000 bags. Most of big manufacturer maintain a stock of 1,00,000-1,50,000 Bags.

It is noticed if Guar seed slips at level of 2500 in future then there is not money to buy it. It will hard to find buyer at the level of Rs 2500. western Rajasthan is major guar gum seed cultivation are in the world. Miss handle of this commodity leaded to this crises. 

In current year there is no any chance of price rise. After two month a small new summer crop of guar seed will come in market. There can some minor upward correction in June-July but not the major one.

Guar touched its lower point after demand from Oil and Natural gas Industry is going Down

Guar fell down sharply after crush in crude prices. Guar seed crushed INR 100 and guar gum around 300 Rs. There are two type of pressure. Yesterday US petroleum association has released data of huge inventory increase in crude oil after that crude price slide down.  It was sentimental pressure on guar. At another side Feb contract is moving for realization and it will end tomorrow.

Local traders are not taking any interest in guar. They are preparing for new crop. Most of stocking activities are completed. Data released from Haryana state govt about guar production are better than expected. It is also noted that up to December Guar export is increased but in reality it was a stock transfer from Indian company to their US subsidiaries.  

Guar  Gum Cultivation / Farming  In India- farmer 

Local manufacturer and traders are not seeing any major impact on business activities.  There is some improvement in Guar korma business. The demand of animal feed protein for meat production is increasing globally. Guar is emerging as major source for animal feed protein.

People are predicting shrinkage in guar cultivation area next year. But expert are saying that the cultivation area will not go down as guar is still a profitable crop in comparison to cotton.  This year there was no any major price rise in cotton. After so many investment and huge labour both crops are giving same return. At the same time there is no any other option in rain fed crop.

In coming time, demand of guar will increase from waste water treatment industry. Waste water treatment is major challenge globally. If things will go in right direction then day is not far that Guar will provide a effective solution of urban waste water.

How much Guar gum and Guar seed can fall, at lower level

Guar improved in local market due with improvement in future market.  Even after improvement there is no any major impact on guar seed arrival in market. Guar Gum and guar seed both are slightly improving during this week.

As per export data released, in this year there is huge decline in income from export of guar. This year there is decline in guar gum export in quantity wise and price wise. Some long term commodity experts see further down fall before March contract.  Mr. Praveen Gupta from Nagaur see that current price rise is only a speculative rise. This is not original one. He predicts that once Guar will reach between the level of 2500-3000, then after guar will stable. Same time he also predict a level of 7000 for guar gum split.

Guar seed and Guar Gum cultivation India- Harvested  Guar crop ready to threshing 
Current year production data and export data and demand forecast does not support price rise. Local trading is very low. For this year guar will not improve even after demand due to over production. Stack holder of guar industry are already in huge loss. Right now only genuine players are surviving in market.

Crude is improving but it will take time for new investment. Oil and natural gas industry, doesn't not attract any major investment in current international political scenario.

Will Guar and Guar gum rate stable?? How will it affect Guar Gum Seed Cultivation in india ??

Guar seed and gaur gum rates has improved by Rs 50 and Rs 100 in local market after improvement in position in future market. At lower level supply of seed has slow down in local market. Some stockists are also showing interest in purchasing guar seed and guar gum to lower down their average cost of stock. 

They are covering or minimizing their inventory loss. In market of Jodhpur guar is available at Rs 3800 and Gum is available at 9050.

But the fear of further crush is still with guar seed and guar gum, as crude Oil is being traded below 70 USD. Once Crude will cross USD 70 then it will give a platform to Guar at demand side. Though, current improvement is a sentimental trend but it will be keep going if the rally in crude will keep going.

Will Guar and Guar gum rate stable??  How will it affect Guar Gum Seed Cultivation in India ??

The trend of down fall in rate has been halted right now. Stack holders in physical market are in the position of wait and watch. In a discussion with local trader it was found that there is no any major impact on business. Even at improved rate, physical volume has not increased.

For short term guar is stable and there are low chances for further crush but for long term market will have to wait for crude price go beyond 80 USD.  In current international politics there is no good news for economic growth.  Major concern is coming from increasing political instability in Europe.

In coming time guar gum cultivation in India will not effect, because cotton is parallel crop to Guar in Guar Growing belt. This year there is no any major improvement in cotton. Cotton is also going down. Guar gum export is also going down. 

Guar churi and Guar Korma is giving support for Stabilization of Guar seed prices

Guar seed and guar rate remained stabled in spot market after two days rally in Jodhpur market. Some fresh buying has reported in spot market due to rise in price of crude oil. Future market gained in morning but in afternoon it started to goes down. In morning hour guar seed and guar gum opened strong but as per last trading Guar gum has lose 50 Rs/100 Kg and guar gum seed Rs 30/100 Kg in Jodhpur market. In other market it remained stable.

 There is daily arrival of 20,000 Bags of guar seed 100 kg each from farmers. This much of supply will keep going. Manufacturers are waiting for fresh orders from US. Speculators and Stockist are also active in market.

Guar is being traded at Rs 4200 as a mean price in most of spot market. Traders are highly demoralized due to low rate. There is neck to neck competition.  Currently margins are very less in guar business.

Oil and natural gas industry consume more than 70 % of guar. Demand from this sector is back bone for this industry. Demand from Food industry is not showing any major demand at low guar gum price.

Demand of Guar Churi  is as usual in market. It may come down with price rise of guar split. In the case of guar gum price rise, production of Guar Churi will increase and supply will increase in market. 

Guar seed and Guar gum market after local election In Rajasthan

Guar is showing price rise continuously second day. Today’s rise is more than yesterday. Today guar gum has emerged stronger than guar seed. Guar gum is following the price rise of Crude oil.

Local Panchayat election has completed in Rajasthan. There was low business activity during winter and election time but now the business activity is increasing and demand has increased for short time.

Spot market is giving strong base to the future prices. As per export data there is no any major down fall in export of guar gum products in comparison to last year.

Manual Harvesting of Guar ( Guar seed ) Gum crop.

Manufacturer / traders / exporters are hopeful for price rise because in current time there are three basic fundamental which are strong. Number one: Price rise of Crude Oil, Second: guar supply time if moving toward off time and third: strong demand of by-product ( guar churi ). After one month Guar seed supply from farmer will almost stop due to arrival of new crop.

In physical market, supply of gaur seed is slow as per regular trend in this time.

MD of one of major Guar gum producer looks the downfall. He expects that guar may touch 3500 and Guar gum 7500 if the demand from O&N industry doesn't rise.

Смоли іонообмінні (відповідно насіння) вирощування консультування в Україні

Смоли іонообмінні (відповідно насіння) вирощування консультування в Україні

Смоли іонообмінні (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) або насіння відповідно визначила новий Основні технічні рослини. Смоли іонообмінні порошок одержують з насіння відповідно. Смоли іонообмінні порошок має широке застосування в різних галузях промисловості. Основна вимога іонообмінні порошку походить від нафтової і газової промисловості. Смоли іонообмінні порошок використовується в гідравлічних пласта процес для видобутку нафти. Смоли іонообмінні порошок також використовується в харчовій промисловості. Він широко використовується в оброблені харчові продукти.

Смоли іонообмінні (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) або guar насіння — 90-120 днів врожаю. Він може культивується в низьку воду доступність стані. Керування фермою є дуже простим. Він не вимагає регулярного сільськогосподарської практики у фермі.

Комплексне рішення для високих технологій вирощування механічних великих масштабах, sourcing добре насіння, повні розвитку ферм і управління, обробки насіння відповідно до відповідно Спліт, відповідно корм, відповідно Churi, Смоли іонообмінні порошок, sourcing відповідно продуктів, навчання та впливу тур, Міжнародна Сертифікація якості, забарвлення досліджень і розробок.

Ми ведемо сільське господарство / агробізнесу експерта, який забезпечити сталість Смоли іонообмінні (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) або вирощування насіння відповідно. Ми успішно реалізували проект в Індії, Індонезії Росії, Європи, Танзанії, Судан і т. д. Наша команда буде допомогти вам у придбанні гарна якість насіння, землю підготовки, насіння посіву, керування зрошення, Комаха Керівництво, захист рослин, ґрунту поживні управління та збирання сільськогосподарських культур відповідно. Наша команда також допоможе виділення землі, фінансового планування для проекту, зберігання та складська управління.

Наш експерт має повний досвід працювати під повний механічних вирощування, контрольованих зрошення, Механічне прибирання, механічного застосування інсектицидів та пестицидів у великій площі 100-200 га. Наш експерт також допоможе вам зрозуміти обробки насіння відповідно до іонообмінні потім розділити іонообмінні порошок.

Відповідно, також використовується в виробництво, частина, що залишилося гаур насіння після того, як обробка в порошок іонообмінні використовується в корми для худоби кормів для великої рогатої худоби. Це багаті на білок і клітковини.

Будь ласка, зв'яжіться з нами для більш докладної інформації.

Guar Churi ( Guar meal ) is also giving strong support to guar ( guar gum ) seed

Guar seed has shown bit price rise.  There is more price in guar seed than Guar gum. It was the impact of rise in crude oil prices in last week that was around 9 % which was highest in a day during last six year.

There was more rises in Guar seed in comparison to Guar gum.  It was just because of Guar available in physical market.  Guar churi is also giving strong support to guar seed. demand of animal feed protein is increasing in world.

Guar Churi ( Guar meal)  used as Animal Protein. by product of guar ( guar seed ) gum  processing industry.

As per expert the impact of crude price on guar seed / gum is short term in long term impact crude must be more than 75 USD/ Barrel.

Todays price rise is also an impact of adjustment from physical market impact on future price downfall.

Physical availability of guar split is making guar seed stronger than guar gum. Manufacturers are adjusting guar gum split low price with guar churi price rise.

Physical arrival of guar seed will also stop after March as new crop will come in market and physical commodity market will engage in new crop. APRIL to OCTOBER period will be a low arrival period. Supply will become tight in that period.