Guar Churi ( Guar meal ) is also giving strong support to guar ( guar gum ) seed

Guar seed has shown bit price rise.  There is more price in guar seed than Guar gum. It was the impact of rise in crude oil prices in last week that was around 9 % which was highest in a day during last six year.

There was more rises in Guar seed in comparison to Guar gum.  It was just because of Guar available in physical market.  Guar churi is also giving strong support to guar seed. demand of animal feed protein is increasing in world.

Guar Churi ( Guar meal)  used as Animal Protein. by product of guar ( guar seed ) gum  processing industry.

As per expert the impact of crude price on guar seed / gum is short term in long term impact crude must be more than 75 USD/ Barrel.

Todays price rise is also an impact of adjustment from physical market impact on future price downfall.

Physical availability of guar split is making guar seed stronger than guar gum. Manufacturers are adjusting guar gum split low price with guar churi price rise.

Physical arrival of guar seed will also stop after March as new crop will come in market and physical commodity market will engage in new crop. APRIL to OCTOBER period will be a low arrival period. Supply will become tight in that period.

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