Guar is low investment / cost of cultivation crop. Guar gum seed cultivation is still profitable at the Rate of Rs 3000

Guar seed and guar gum strengthened in local market. Guar Gum improved Rs 300 and Guar seed 150. Guar is going through a lot of speculation and instability but in a long term prospective it is moving down side since arrival of new crop. Comparatively guar is still a profitable crop for farmers and processors. If we compare it will other crop of the guar growing region we will find that guar is low investment / cost of cultivation crop.

Due to mismatch is demand and supply it is facing high volatility in this commodity. Since four year it is regularly going down and down. Still guar is looking a neutral stability point. Before father hike and drop guar will stable at that point for 4-5 months. For guar Rs 3000 is neutral point where guar will stable in coming time.

Guar gum cultivation in India  ( Guar Gum Farming ) 
Mean while guar will face a liquidity position in March and April. Might be a group of trader can try to speculate it toward upper side so that they can get more fund for their stock. 

In processing point of view guar need a stable point so that fresh investment can be done toward technology up gradation side and Research side. Right now guar is facing a crisis of investment. It is clear that in coming time guar industry will be more professionalize and organize.

In international prospective Demand of guar will come down during next quarter. Winter will be ended in next month so demand of energy will also come down. Existing rigs will minimise their production. Demand of Natural Gas and crude will also come down during defiantly it will tighten the availability of fund for guar.

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