Guar seed & Guar Gum may crash down Guar seed at Rs 2500 and Guar gum at Rs 6500

Guar slipped further to touched further lowest level. It was supposed to stocking activity at lower level. But it is being more vulnerable. Guar is reacting further down fall at sliding prices.  Today Guar gum slipped around 300 and guar seed around 100. Now it is clear that very soon it will touch level of 6500 in Guar gum and 2500 in guar seed. Guar gun export in year 2014-2015 will come down in comparison to last year.

While discussing with Mr Kamal Gupta from Alwar, it was noticed that middlemen, traders and stockist are holding huge stock. Now this complete stock will come in market at low price. These traders will require further cash for Rabi crop trading activity. In expectation of good prices most of stack holder in Indian guar gum industry are having huge stock at every level.

Guar seed Guar Gum Cultivation In India . Guar seed and Guasr Gum will crash down.

Chain start from farmer some farmers are maintaining the stock since 3-4 years. One can easily find one-two farmer who has around 500 Bags in guar growing belt, after that one can find 5-6 Farmers who have 100-150 Bags in every village after that 10-15 farmers who have stock of 50-60 Bags. One can easily find that most small farmers are having stock of 10-15 bags. The same situation is with trader and stockist. A normal trader is having a stock of 1000-1500 Bags and most of guar split processing factories are having a stock of 15000-20000 bags. Most of big manufacturer maintain a stock of 1,00,000-1,50,000 Bags.

It is noticed if Guar seed slips at level of 2500 in future then there is not money to buy it. It will hard to find buyer at the level of Rs 2500. western Rajasthan is major guar gum seed cultivation are in the world. Miss handle of this commodity leaded to this crises. 

In current year there is no any chance of price rise. After two month a small new summer crop of guar seed will come in market. There can some minor upward correction in June-July but not the major one.

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