Sliding Guar seed and guar Gum rates are back firing to Manufacturers

Temperature is rising slowly and slowly. Winter period is leaving behind. Local village level Panchayat elections have been almost finished. From next week onward farmer will engage in their daily activity. Every day Guar is touching its lower level.

After the downfall in energy industry, rate of Crude oil and Natural Gas are its lower level. Guar gum business has no more high margin. New manufacturer are struggling to survive. Currently guar gum Industry is becoming cattle feed centric. Today rate of Guar Churi, Guar Korma is at its peak point.
Export of Guar Korma and Guar Churi is increasing and percentage share in total guar products is also increasing. Due to rich in protein and highly digestive in nature, demand of cattle feed product is increasing.

Guar seed and Guar gum  cultivation in India Mechanical harvesting

Supply of guar seed is regular as per the demand.  There is no any supply constraint right now. Big manufacturer are completing the demand of guar gum industry.

Local trading of guar gum split and powder has gone down. Established manufactured are focused on korma / churi, right now guar gum split is the by-product.

Rate ( INR/100 Kg)
Guar Seed
Guar Gum
Guar Churl
Guar Korma

While discussing with manufacturer they said that they have invested huge money in plant and machinery. Now interest on credit from bank is rotating. In coming day it will be very critical for the manufacturer.

Guar seed and guar gum rates are going down but export demand is regular.

Winter has returned back after a temperature rise during last week. Panchayat elections are in full swing. The last phase of pachayat election is 28th Jan.  Farmers are engaged in election festival. Guar is at its year low today. There are no any major trading activities.

Now the temperature will rise in guar growing belt. Farmers are saying that will engage in plant protection activities. With the rise in temperature insect t pest will start to attack.  Mostly Gram, mustard and wheat crop is grown in guar growing belt.

Traders are also silent. There is now any major guar trader activities as arrival of guar is almost stop right now. They expect that little bit arrival will increase after election. There will be two reason first movement of business activities will increase after temperature increase. Farmer will also free from election and will engage in regular activities.

Newly grown healthy Guar Seed crop in Guar Far, in western Rajasthan

Newly grown healthy Guar Seed crop in Guar Far, in western Rajasthan

 There is no news of fresh orders from manufacturers. Manufacturers are silent. Local demand of guar gum is very low right now. One manufacturer said there is a lot of volatility in market. It is very hard and risky to take the job work, since prices are not stable. Only big manufacturer are working on long term. Small/ new manufacturer are afraid of sudden price rise and price drop.

Big manufacturer are maintaining huge stock in ware houses they have also come with metal granaries for gaur stock. The price of guar was low during this year so it was easy to stock the commodity. Local demand is very poor. Export is consistently going on as per regular trade cycle.

Some farmers in Ganganagar belt are still having huge stock and waiting for a price rise. As per information in physical market there is availability of Guar seed. Traders are working on volumes to increase the overall margin at low rate. 

Total production of Guar Gum seed is 3,405,887 MT ( 34 Million Bags) in year 2014-2015

As per second report released from Rajasthan govt Today.  Production of guar will increase this year.

Cultivation area of Guar gum seed is    4,625,706 Hactare
Production of Guar gum seed  is           2,796,787 MT

In last report these data were as follows.

Cultivation Area of Guar gum seed       : 3,212,965 Hactare
Production of Guar Gum Seed              : 1,349,806 MT

Production of Guar seed will increase  =  1,446,981 MT

Thus total production of Guar seed will be 3,405,887 MT  ( 34 Million Bags)

Newly Harvested Guar seed / Guar gum Seed

Business activities in Guar gum and Guar Gum Seed.

Business activities in Guar: - 

Right now the movement of business activities is slow but after 14th January Guar business activities will increase again. The supply chain of guar gum is balanced and healthy right now. Existing contracts are keep-going smoothly at lower price. In this price down fall big players are working very well.  The arrival of guar seed in market has come down but it is regular is guar crop cycle. Normally supply start to decrease from January. In three month January , February March it comes down in comparison to peak arrival of September , October, November and December. From April onward Rabi crop will come in market.

Supply of Guar: -

Supply is sufficient from farmer side as per industry requirement. If the export keep going on this rate then there will carry forward of additional surplus for next year.   Local/small traders are regularly supplying the guar seed to manufacturers. Big manufacturer have sufficient stock of Guar, which is sufficient for any sudden mismatch in demand and supply. There will be regular supply of average 50,000-55,000 bags /Day in coming 2-3 months for processing units.

Since Cotton rate are also not competitive as comparison to Guar. Farmers are demoralised on Cotton rates.  As per current scenario Guar is Low investment crop, Easy to cultivate, Long storage capacity, Low risk crop and adoptability to climatic condition.

In January there will be bit pressure of supply of Guar due to election in Rajasthan. From March onward Rabi crop arrival will start then farmer, Trader and stockist will active in Rabi ( winter) commodity.

Guar seed and Guar Gum processing. plant 

Trading movement: -

Rate will be under pressure from supply. Any rise in price will lead to oversupply of guar seed from farmer. At current price level farmer are behaving within economic limit. No external factor is influencing their decision. INR 4500-5000/ Qt is a comfortable price range for Guar seed. INR 11,500-13,000 /Qt is a comfortable price range for guar gum.

Last week Guar seed arrival in Rajasthan.

Arrival in Quintal
Spot rate







Demand/Export of guar in year 2014-2015

Demand/Export of Guar Gum Seed: 

Demand of Guar Gum is more in this year in comparison to last year. In December 2014 export of Guar gum was 42,000 MT which was 1000 MT more than November-2013. This was also 6000 MT more than last year. The demand of Guar gum has seemed to be increased at lower rate of guar gum.

Guar Gum Export
Guar Gum Export
% Change on 2013
19987 MT
31780 MT
+ 11793 MT
22085 MT
32691 MT
+ 10606 MT
16095 MT
30511 MT
+ 14416 MT
89 %
10082 MT
33183 MT
+ 23101 MT
229 %
14977 MT
35690 MT
+ 20713 MT
138 %
22094 MT
41123 MT
+ 19029 MT
86 %
35594 MT
42112 MT
+   6518 MT

Plant protection and healthy crop management in  Guar seed / Guar gum cultivation in India

Availability of Guar gum seed -2014-15

Winter temperature is going down day by day in Guar Growing Belt. The cold temperature is slowing down the guar seed movement from farmer to market.

Availability of Guar seed -2014-15: 

1. Year 2014-15 Production            -   2, 00, 00,000 Bags
2. Year 2013-14 Carry forward       -       80, 00,000 Bags

  Total availability of Guar seeds 2014-15            -   2, 80, 00,000 Bags
  Total arrival of seeds from farmer 2014-15         -   1, 25, 00,000 Bags
Currently Available seeds with Farmer                -    1, 55, 00,000 Bags  

As per discussion with farmers, guar is still a profitable crop in guar growing belt in comparison to other major competitive crop “COTTON”. If current price level remains same then Guar cultivation area will increase in next year.

Cotton is more expensive crop in comparison to Guar, at the same time guar is easy to cultivate crop and increase the productivity of land. If the production area will increase then there will be more production in next year in normal rainfall condition.

Mature Guar seed and Guar crop. in Guar seed /guar gum crop cultivation farm

Türkiye ye Guar sakız (Guar tohum) tarım danışmanlığı

Türkiye ye Guar sakız (Guar tohum) tarım danışmanlığı

Guar sakız (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) veya guar tohum önemli endüstriyel ürün olarak ortaya çıkıyor. Guar sakız toz guar tohumdan üretilir. Guar sakız toz farklı sektörlerde geniş uygulama var. Guar sakız tozu büyük talep petrol ve doğal gaz sektöründe elde edildi. Guar sakız toz hidrolik kırılma sürecinde ham petrol üretimi için kullanılır. Guar sakız toz gıda sektöründe de kullanılır. İşlenmiş gıda yaygın kullanılır.

Guar sakız (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) veya guar tohum 90-120 gün üründür. Düşük su kullanılabilirlik durumu ekili. Çiftlik yönetimi çok basittir. Gruptaki düzenli tarım uygulamaları gerektirmez.

Komple çözüm büyük ölçüde yüksek teknoloji mekanik ekimi için iyi bir tohum tedarik, çiftlik geliştirme ve yönetimi, işlem guar tohum Guar Split, Guar korma, Guar Churi, Guar sakız toz, Guar ürünlerin tedarik, eğitim ve pozlama tur, uluslararası kalite belgesi, renklendirme araştırma ve geliştirme tamamlamak.

Tarım lider vardır / tarım uzman kim Guar sakız (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) veya guar tohum ekimi için süreklilik sağlar. Biz başarıyla projeyi hayata geçirdik Hindistan, Endonezya Rusya, Avrupa, Tanzanya, Sudan vs. Bizim takım iyi kaliteli tohum elde yardımcı, hazırlık arazi, Ekim, sulama yönetimi, böcek yönetimi, haşere yönetimi tohum, besin yönetim ve kırpma guar hasat toprak. Bizim takım da arazi, proje, depolama ve ambar yönetimi için planlama finansal yelpazesi yardımcı olacaktır.

Uzman çalışmaya tam mekanik yetiştirme, kontrollü sulama, mekanik hasat, böcek ilacı veya pestisitler büyük 100-200 hektar alanda mekanik uygulama altında tam bir deneyime sahiptir. Uzman da guar sakız guar sakız toz bölünmüş içine guar tohum işleme anlamak için yardımcı olabilir.

Guar Ayrıca sığır Yem Sanayi, guar sakız toz haline işleme sığır yem kullanıldıktan sonra kalan gülbay tohum parçası kullanılır. Protein ve lif açısından zengin.

Daha fazla bilgi için bize ulaşın.

מסטיק Guar (Guar הזרע) ייעוץ הטיפוח בישראל

מסטיק Guar (Guar הזרע) ייעוץ הטיפוח בישראל

מסטיק Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) או הזרעים guar מתגלה כקבוצה חיתוך תעשייתי גדול. אבקת guar מסטיק מיוצר מן הזרע guar. אבקת guar מסטיק יש שימוש נרחב בתעשיות שונות. הביקוש העיקרי של אבקת Guar מסטיק נגזרת תעשיית נפט וגז טבעי. אבקת guar מסטיק משמש בתהליך שבירה הידראולי להפקת נפט גולמי. אבקת guar מסטיק משמש גם בתעשיית המזון. זה נמצא בשימוש נרחב מזון מעובד.

מסטיק Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) או guar זרע הוא חיתוך 90-120 ימים. זה יכול להיות מעובדות במצב זמינות מים נמוכה. ניהול משק היא פשוטה מאוד. זה לא דורש שיטות חקלאות רגילים בחווה.

פתרון לטיפוח מכני טק בקנה מידה גדול, מלא לחיזוי של זרעים טובים, להשלים את פיתוח המשק, ניהול, עיבוד של זרע guar Guar פיצול, Guar קורמה, חורי Guar, אבקת Guar מסטיק, לחיזוי מוצרים Guar, הכשרה, חשיפה סיור, אישורים איכות בינלאומי, הגיוון מחקר ופיתוח.

אנו מובילים בחקלאות / מומחה החקלאות אשר מספקים החוקיות של מסטיק Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) או guar זרע הטיפוח. בהצלחה יישמנו את הפרוייקט ב הודו, אינדונזיה רוסיה, אירופה, טנזניה, סודאן וכו '. הצוות שלנו לסייע לכם ברכישת הזרעים באיכות טובה, לנחות הכנה, זרע הזריעה, השקיה ניהול, ניהול חרקים, ההדברה, אדמה guar קצירת היבול וניהול התזונתי. הצוות שלנו יסייע גם מבחר של קרקע, פיננסיים, תכנון הפרוייקט, אחסון וניהול מחסן.

המומחה שלנו ניסיון מלא לעבוד תחת לשלמות מכנית, השקיה מבוקרת, קציר מכני, יישום מכני של חרקים או חומרי הדברה באזור גדול 100-200 דונם. המומחים שלנו יכולים לסייע גם להבין את העיבוד של guar זרע לתוך מסטיק guar לפצל ואז אבקת guar מסטיק.

Guar משמש גם הבקר להאכיל התעשייה, שנותרו חלק גאור זרע לאחר עיבוד לאבקה מסטיק guar משמש בהזנת בקר. הוא עשיר בחלבונים ופחמימות סיב.

אנא צרו קשר לפרטים נוספים.

(Cyamopsis tetragonoloba)