Total production of Guar Gum seed is 3,405,887 MT ( 34 Million Bags) in year 2014-2015

As per second report released from Rajasthan govt Today.  Production of guar will increase this year.

Cultivation area of Guar gum seed is    4,625,706 Hactare
Production of Guar gum seed  is           2,796,787 MT

In last report these data were as follows.

Cultivation Area of Guar gum seed       : 3,212,965 Hactare
Production of Guar Gum Seed              : 1,349,806 MT

Production of Guar seed will increase  =  1,446,981 MT

Thus total production of Guar seed will be 3,405,887 MT  ( 34 Million Bags)

Newly Harvested Guar seed / Guar gum Seed

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