Availability of Guar gum seed -2014-15

Winter temperature is going down day by day in Guar Growing Belt. The cold temperature is slowing down the guar seed movement from farmer to market.

Availability of Guar seed -2014-15: 

1. Year 2014-15 Production            -   2, 00, 00,000 Bags
2. Year 2013-14 Carry forward       -       80, 00,000 Bags

  Total availability of Guar seeds 2014-15            -   2, 80, 00,000 Bags
  Total arrival of seeds from farmer 2014-15         -   1, 25, 00,000 Bags
Currently Available seeds with Farmer                -    1, 55, 00,000 Bags  

As per discussion with farmers, guar is still a profitable crop in guar growing belt in comparison to other major competitive crop “COTTON”. If current price level remains same then Guar cultivation area will increase in next year.

Cotton is more expensive crop in comparison to Guar, at the same time guar is easy to cultivate crop and increase the productivity of land. If the production area will increase then there will be more production in next year in normal rainfall condition.

Mature Guar seed and Guar crop. in Guar seed /guar gum crop cultivation farm

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