Guar seed and guar gum rates are going down but export demand is regular.

Winter has returned back after a temperature rise during last week. Panchayat elections are in full swing. The last phase of pachayat election is 28th Jan.  Farmers are engaged in election festival. Guar is at its year low today. There are no any major trading activities.

Now the temperature will rise in guar growing belt. Farmers are saying that will engage in plant protection activities. With the rise in temperature insect t pest will start to attack.  Mostly Gram, mustard and wheat crop is grown in guar growing belt.

Traders are also silent. There is now any major guar trader activities as arrival of guar is almost stop right now. They expect that little bit arrival will increase after election. There will be two reason first movement of business activities will increase after temperature increase. Farmer will also free from election and will engage in regular activities.

Newly grown healthy Guar Seed crop in Guar Far, in western Rajasthan

Newly grown healthy Guar Seed crop in Guar Far, in western Rajasthan

 There is no news of fresh orders from manufacturers. Manufacturers are silent. Local demand of guar gum is very low right now. One manufacturer said there is a lot of volatility in market. It is very hard and risky to take the job work, since prices are not stable. Only big manufacturer are working on long term. Small/ new manufacturer are afraid of sudden price rise and price drop.

Big manufacturer are maintaining huge stock in ware houses they have also come with metal granaries for gaur stock. The price of guar was low during this year so it was easy to stock the commodity. Local demand is very poor. Export is consistently going on as per regular trade cycle.

Some farmers in Ganganagar belt are still having huge stock and waiting for a price rise. As per information in physical market there is availability of Guar seed. Traders are working on volumes to increase the overall margin at low rate. 

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