Guar touched its lower point after demand from Oil and Natural gas Industry is going Down

Guar fell down sharply after crush in crude prices. Guar seed crushed INR 100 and guar gum around 300 Rs. There are two type of pressure. Yesterday US petroleum association has released data of huge inventory increase in crude oil after that crude price slide down.  It was sentimental pressure on guar. At another side Feb contract is moving for realization and it will end tomorrow.

Local traders are not taking any interest in guar. They are preparing for new crop. Most of stocking activities are completed. Data released from Haryana state govt about guar production are better than expected. It is also noted that up to December Guar export is increased but in reality it was a stock transfer from Indian company to their US subsidiaries.  

Guar  Gum Cultivation / Farming  In India- farmer 

Local manufacturer and traders are not seeing any major impact on business activities.  There is some improvement in Guar korma business. The demand of animal feed protein for meat production is increasing globally. Guar is emerging as major source for animal feed protein.

People are predicting shrinkage in guar cultivation area next year. But expert are saying that the cultivation area will not go down as guar is still a profitable crop in comparison to cotton.  This year there was no any major price rise in cotton. After so many investment and huge labour both crops are giving same return. At the same time there is no any other option in rain fed crop.

In coming time, demand of guar will increase from waste water treatment industry. Waste water treatment is major challenge globally. If things will go in right direction then day is not far that Guar will provide a effective solution of urban waste water.

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