Guar seed and guar gum is improving with rising Crude prices.

Guar is improving after a consistent rise in crude prices during last week. Crude prices are improving regularly. It is giving strength to guar prices. Guar seed improved by Rs 100 and guar gum by 300 Rs in local physical market. It is also improving in future market.

Energy prices in international market are giving strength to guar prices. Buy if energy price keep moving downside in international market then it may further crush but if happen up side then Guar prices may cross the level of Rs 10,000 for guar gum and RS 4500 for guar seed with in march contract.

Guar Seed and Guar gum cultivation in India- Guar Agriculture Farm.  

It will give double strength in next month as gaur supply from farmer will almost stop for two month and at rising price supply will very tight in trend of more margin making.

Pictures will more clear after crude will cross the level of 70 USD/barrel right now crude is being moving around 61 USD/barrel.

At rising price all entire stack holder will hold the commodity but if prices goes down then ever one will release the commodity.

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