Monsoon / Rainfall will be better in this year Will it increase in guar gum cultivation area in india ?

Guar is stable but within last two days guar has recovered very fast in physical market.  Guar seed has gained Rs 100 and Guar gum Rs 200. It is also noticed that guar gum is recovering faster than guar seed. There is high volatility in future market but in spot market it is improving slowly and slowly.

In rising price condition farmers/small traders are holding the stock in perception of further price rise. As per meteorological data released by Govt it is expected that rainfall will be better in this year. Manson will be normal.

Guar gum cultivation in India ( Farmer is doing plant protection ) .  

But gaur it also under direct influence from crude industry. At another side USA is also putting pressure on Iran to not continue his Atomic Program. Might be there can be some agreement to halt production of crude oil to save economy of Iran. Oil economies are facing tough conditions.

In long term Guar will emerge as an important exportable commodity. Guar needs an undisputed demand. In this year overall situation of gaur can’t be said as satisfactory, because there is a heavy volatility in this year though it was effect t of international political situation.

Guar industries need more professionalism, more organized industry more RD oriented industry. It must be come out be presented as product instead of commodity.

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