Advance Estimate of Guar ( guar gum ) Seed Production in India in year 2014-2015

Most of advance estimate has been released in guar growing states of Rajasthan, Haryan and Gujarat for the year 2014-2015. 2-3% guar seed production comes from rest of states. The final tally of estimated  guar seed production is as follows.

S.N.                                   State                                               Production ( MT)
1.                                   Rajasthan                                               1339806
2                                    Haryana                                                   340000
3                                    Gujarat                                                     179100
4                                    Others                                                      100000
 Total Estimated Guar ( Guar gum ) Seed  Production               1'958'906 MT

The share of other state of has assumed around 5 % as productivity and production are is very low in Rajasthan.  We are estimating that in this year  there will be around 19'589'060 Bags around 20 Million Bags or ( 2 Crore Bags of 100 kg each). As per my estimate I am expecting a upward correction in guar seed production data of Rajasthan. 

The estimated yield is very lower than last year but overall condition  is not problematic or pathetic. It is satisfactory production. It  can easily complete the demand of  guar gum of world by adding teh cary forward stock of last year.  .

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