Guar International - 2014 Exploring possibilities of Guar Business Development

I attended Guar International-2014, an unique event dedicated to Gar and Guar Gum from cultivation to End Use. Expert of different subject put their views and made a very clear picture in all horizon like

  • Current demand of Guar Gum
  • Export potential and opportunities in Guar business.
  • Market of Hydrocolliods and opportunities with guar to replace other.
  • Demand and future of Shale Gas and Farcking
  • New opportunities for Guar Gum demand
  • Requirement and current activities in R&D in Guar
  • Current stagnancy in Guar Gum Business
  • Value addition of Guar Gum
  • Development in Guar Cultivation
  • Biotechnological approach in Crop improvement
  • Current crop Condition
  • Role of Supply Chain Management in Guar Business
  • Warehousing and Commodity finance opportunities
  • Prediction of rate during  remaining
  • Factor for price prediction.
  • Platform Role of Commodity exchange for Guar Business 

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to guar seed and guar  Industry)

Inaugural message from Agriculture Minister of Rajasthan- Shri Prabhu Lal Saini was motivation reagent. Message . Message of Mr Sameer Shah on the role and involvement of NCDEX in Guar business stabilization was very supporting for the industry. Directly or indirectly NCDEX is playing a major role in re-innovation indian guar gum industry. Indian Guar gum industry is moving from traditional business to a highly professional business.

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to guar seed and guar  Industry)
Alex shown a very clear clear picture about the global demand of Guar. Chris Carpenter of PFPT message was very clear toward quality production and demand. Guar has to be competitive by Quality wise, Quantity wize and technology wise. I was very impressed by  Dennis Seisun of IMR message. He is very positive about the new opportunity for Gaur Gum. Guar has opportunities to replace the other hydrocolloids.  A better packaging and representation of Guar can draw a lot of attention of end users.

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to Guar gum seed Cultivation and guar gum processing

Mr Uday Merchant focused on quality development and investment in R&D by industry. He also focused on loss of blind competition and neck to neck business.  Over production capacity and over processing capacity can lead the industry toward heavy loss. It was knowledge full delivery of message by Dr. Shyamal Purkayastha on  Emerging trends in guar processing, technology and applications.

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to guar seed Processing and  guar Gum importer and End user)

Research work of Dr. Randhawa on biotechnology approach on Guar crop really very impressive. He delivered the key highlights of his work and further opportunities in  crop improvement. His work on Genom sequencing and Identification of key gens in guar crop is good opportunity for Indian  Guar Gum Industry,

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to guar gum seed researcher and guar  gum seed cultivator )

Report of Mr Sidharth Surana was a picture of current guar crop which gave an idea on effect of poor monsoon on current crop. Panel discussion on guar outlook and  guar rate prediction was very interesting.

Guar International-2014 ( An event dedicated to guar gum present and future development )
The participation of Guar Gum processor, Guar Gum manufacturer, service provider, plant & machine supplier, warehouse service provider, print media. This beautiful and knowledgeable event is a brainchild of House of Tefla.

Organizer / financier of  Guar International - 2014 -The matured Guar Gum Seed Crop.

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