Final condition of guar seed ( Guar Gum ) crop after return of manson

Manson is over from most of guar growing belt.  There are minimum chances of any major rainfall. Guar gum ( seed ) crop conditions are clear now. In this year production will be normal there is no any news of major crop damage. In Haryana there can be some damage due to excessive rainfall, but that will be in the limit of 10%. Overall Haryana produce 20-22 % of total Indian guar production so the 0 % variation will be not more than 2 - 2.2 % of total production.

Some people can compare this year (14-15) production with last year year (13-14) production. Last year production was bumper in timely rainfall condition.  This year production of gaur will be above the normal.

There were drought conditions initially.  Sowing started very late.  This drought condition gave an option to farmers to grow guar instead of other water intensive crop like cotton, paddy in irrigated area of Haryana, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh and Bikaner.   In rain fed  area situation was in the same direction , farmers of Rain fed area  preferred Guar crop over the other crop like Bajara ( pear millet) , Moong (Green Gram) Moth .It is  

The late rainfall was sufficient for sowing. After sowing there was a long dry period, which was very critical condition but it saved guar crop from any disease and pest attack. In mid of cropping season rainfall was very low but it was on regular interval as per required. In this condition vegetative growth of plant didn’t effected too much.


Last rainfall was also normal.  It was heavy in some part especially in Haryana. In cotton growing area, due to heavy rainfall and regular irrigation there was condition of water logging and disease outbreak. But due to short rain fall period, it improved very fast.  There is news of minor damage against the fear of heavy damage. Guar crop affected least in adverse climatic conditions. Early sowing crop will be ready to harvest if weather conditions are clear with high temperature, the crop may mature within 10-15- days.

Late sowing crop way take time.  it may mature around last week of October especially in rain fed area. Crop is in good condition. Now there is no requirement of water or rainfall. Crop need clear weather and bit high temperature to mature timely.

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