Guar Guar Gum) Crop ; Crop of Poor

I am not promoting Guar only for Oil drilling. I promoting it for poor farmer and low investment for multipurpose. Low investment. Low investment means low risk, Means there is nothing to loose and many thing to earn. The fundamental of crop are solid more than stone. 

Who ask these oil company to feed their profit to Guar Purchase, If there was a ready alternate then why these company went for stocking at higher price. Might be we don't know, but these companies are having some demand that's why they stocked it and now they want it to come down, so that they can purchase it further.

With in 12 month at any time there can be peak demand of Guar Seed, that can also lead to sudden rise of rate of Guar seed. 
Guar Guar Gum) Crop ; Crop of Poor

There are other uses of Guar except Oil extraction. 

As per the fodder is concern that is your production. You can feed you animal. If i talk about poor farmer he must have some cattle for their Milk requirement. They don't need to sell it , they can consume it for their cattle. 

Ask the people who run the brick Kline. They will purchase the crop residual. 

In North India in the month of march and April you can go for Guar crop just after harvesting the Rabi Crop. That is best time for cultivation. IF you have good amount of water, please see the result under the sun heat.

It is also expected that future trading will also open through commodities exchange that will also lead to high price.

The crop was suppose to come in Market in mid October. There is not the arrival of single bag of in the market of new crop. It is expected to come in Mid November. That is not a good sign and time for Bumper crop.

I am again saying ..................... It is crop of Poor................for cash, for fodder, for vegetable, for fertilizers .............. with low investment.... I can challenge any one if there is any other crop, which is profitable more than Guar on equal cost of cultivation of Guar or less than this.

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