Importance of Guar Crop

There are two strong base behind the Guar crop. First the cost of cultivation of Guar crop is very low. Another, there is no any natural alternate/substitute of this crop as industrial input. If it is not making the farmer rich at the worst side, the same time it is also not making the farmer poorer. IF you go for a high investment crop. First the cost of cultivation will be very high if the crop doesn't give you return, then it will push some one in credit, ultimately it will make the farmer poorer.

Guar is very good crop for the

Soil improvement,
Low investment,
Nitrogen fixation, 
Drought resistant, 
Cash crop, 
No insect pest attack in storage,
Green vegetable, 
Green manure, 
Short duration, 
Good quality Fodder,
Concentrate for milking cattle,
High return
Monopoly of India in production.

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