Crop Rotations for Guar Crop

Crop Rotations for Guar Crop

Crop rotation means the sequence of crop in a year one after one after the harvesting of the crop. Like we take different crop in "RABI". We change the crop in "KHARIF" season season.

Guar is a leguminous crop it improve the soil condition , thecrop rotation is a system of growing crops in such a way that the same field does not get the same crop year after year. This helps in controlling diseases and pests of the crop and also in maintaining soil fertility. A number of crops of the same season like bajra, guar, cotton, rice, sorghum, sugarcane etc, are put in crop rotation sequence. Some common crop rotations which are used in India with guar are given below.

Rice -cotton -guar -bajra
Guar -rice -sorghum
Sorghum -guar -cotton
Cotton -guar -rice -sorghum

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