Guar Seed (Guar Gum) Cultivation Consultancy

We provide the complete solution in the Guar seed (Guar Gum) cultivation. As per the commodity trend Guar has shown excellent results. Last month it was being sold at rs Rs 30,000/Quintal. The guar gum is used in many industries as a base product. the crop has bright future. Please contact us for the guar cultivation. We provide complete solution and consultancy for the guar cultivation. this is best time for the guar sowing.

Guar Seed (Guar Gum) Cultivation Consultancy


  1. Please contact on my mobile +91 9898394885 or e-mail on for Guar Gum plant cultivation in Gujarat.

    Kumud Sheravia

  2. Please contact me on +91982436636 or mail me at I am a Farmer from Baroda and am interested in cultivation of Guar.

  3. We have about 74 acres of farm land in Khoste, near Mangaon in Maharashtra. I would like to know if Guar can be produced in this region & also if we can process the same to make gum? Kindly advice what kind of consultancy you would be willing to offer and how we can develop this plantation on our land.

    You may write to me on

    Thanks & Regards,


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