Guar Gum and its links with Hydraulic fracturing ( fracking)

A low profile guar crop suddenly highlighted in the market just because  of its up roaring  prices. The guar gum which was used to sold at USD 2 per kag rise up a a level of USD 20 per Kg... just 10  times. The guar crop highlighted itself in the commodity market.

This year again APEDA has issued eye catchy data, that export of guar gum last year was around 21,000 crore INR. Which was highest among all the commodities. It emerged as a largest exportable commodity.

This year the rates are going down it has reached down to a level of INR 12,000/ 100 kg.


The less known crop produce is used to process the guar gum. Guar gum is further used into the oil and natural gas fracking industry. It work as a gel forming agent which prevent the water loss during the drilling and subsequent process.

The oil and natural gas service provider company regularly require the guar gum powder, but due to heavy fluctuation and speculation in price these companies are avoiding them self to give bulk order. It is clear that they require this produce regularly.

The gum powder is also used in other industries specially in  the food industry, printing industry, textile industry.

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Due the fluctuation in the price the regular supply chain has been disturbed . the companies are looking for a sustainable sand consistent supply chain model.

but due to heavy speculation in the market it is not possible at this time.

Guar global is trying to develop a innovative model for the consistent supply chain , We hope that all the stake holders related to guar business will get benefit from this.

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