Nutrient Management for Guar Crop

Nutrient Management for Guar Crop

Even guar can be cultivated in any type of the cultivated land. It will give return even in poor nutrient soil/ low fertile soil.

Guar crop needs 10-12 tonnes of well decomposed farmyard manure, especially when it is being cultivated on poor sandy soils, or after taking an exhausting crop. This well decomposed manure is applied a month before sowing.

If some one want to go for the commercial cultivation of Guar , and want to take the good production. In that condition he can do the nutrient management by application of the fertilizers.

Nitrogenous fertilizers are applied only in small quantity (about 20 kg of nitrogen) because most of nitrogen to the crop comes from the atmosphere through bacterial action. Phosphatic fertilizers about 60 kg, potassic 20 kg per hectare along with 20 kg of nitrogen are applied as basal dose as the time of sowing, with the help of pora just 4 -5 cm below the seed. Spray the crop with 0.15% solution of sodium molybdate after 30 days of sowing after the seedling emergence increases the yield of both fodder and grain.

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