Current price rise of guar seed and gaur gum......Real or Again Speculation

The day before yesterday the guar seed was reached up to the level of 7000/ 100 Kg. I regularly receive the call about the future of guar seed.

To get the answer of your query. Please look at the following updates.
  1. Guar seed sowing is 70 % higher than last year.
  2. The current rainfall is regular and more than average.
  3. There is no news of crop damage due to heavy rain.
  4. The demand of guar powder is closed up to next march
  5. Fresh harvested crop is to be come  after 2 months

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None of the above condition is in the favor of  price rise of guar seed . but it has become habit of newspaper and give opinion on rise of  guar seed .

There is one factor which can lead to price rise, that is the going down of value the Rs. because the international trade  is done on USD.  Gum companies are earning more money due to high exchange rates. This is also possible that the rates are gone up just  because of rupees down fall. 

In international market there is no fresh order from fracking industry. It will take time up to next March and April.

So the current rates are speculative only, it is advised to keep away from the market in context to guar seed and guar gum...


  1. Guar Gums can be a food additive shown to lower serum cholesterol. Seems like to obtain results with blood sugar, Tend not to make use of guar gum to promote weight-loss. Guar gum, a type of soluble fiber, is made of Guar espresso beans. from thousands of years, Indian farmers and anywhere else have harvested guar beans, the source of guar gum, regarding the both human consumption and to cattle feed

  2. India may be the leading producer of guar in the world. There are distinct sub-species with Mustard Oil Products along with extremely minor differences with one another.