How to prepare the Land for the Guar Crop cultivation ? ?

How to prepare the Land for the Guar Crop cultivation.

Guar crop requires a well prepared field, with adequate soil moisture for its seed germination. During early growth period, soil aeration encourages root development and bacterial growth. Therefore, field should be ploughed to fine tilth by giving two or three deep ploughing with soil-turning plough, followed by harrowing and planking. The field should be free from weeds and other crop residues. Arrangements for drainage channel-cum-water channel for heavy rain- fall areas or irrigated areas should be made while preparing the field. The farm yard manure should be mixed with soil at the time of last ploughing. You can cultivate Guar in any type of the soil . Please avoid the water logging condition. It will also improve the soil. It is a leguminous crop so the it will help full for the nitrogen fixation in the soil.

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