Guar Seed ( Guar Gum) / Cluster bean: A New Profitable Crop

Guar Seed (Guar Gum) / Cluster Bean:

A true story of hard work. The 80 % of total Guar of India is cultivated in the rain-fed Area of the Rajasthan. The rain fed area of Rajasthan is most drought hit location of India. You don't have any other alternate except being a farmer. A farmer means one of the simple, kind hearted, god faith and helpless person. After sowing of seeds every day he looks toward the sky and pray that God please don’t make me hopeless. He not only thinks about him, he also pray to God please don't give me but don't let the animal to die. If there is no rain then no waters no fodder. He comes from one of the helpless communities in the world. No water no life. But he has not left to do the hard work. He is dipped in sweat like other hard worker. This year the rate has Guar has gone up. In the western Rajasthan he is cultivating the Guar In the extreme adverse condition for Agriculture. This time the guar has pumped money in this region.

The Guar crop play Four roles in western Rajasthan. 

First Role :-

It makes the soil fertile. Guar is one of highly nutritive green manure in the world. It fix the nitrogen in the soil. It increase the organic content. 

Second role :- 

Source of the green vegetable for Human. The guar pod is cooked as regular vegetable in the western Rajasthan Kitchens during the whole guar growing Period, with different method and combination. Test you cant compare any POD with Guar pod in taste.

Third Role :- 

Dry fodder. The crops residual after the harvesting is collected and stored it is used as fodder for the cattle animals. It is higly digestive and nutritive. The Camel ( ship of Rajasthan) eat it in priority.

Fourth :-

Cash Crop in comparison to other crop the guar play a role as cash crop. The farmer get money form the market. The good thing with guar is that there is no any storage pest attack on guar. The guar seed is used as concentrate for the milking cattle.

The guar run the western Rajasthan. Last years the a lot of research was conducted on the property of Guar. The Guar Gum emerged as highly industrial product . This leaded to the demand of the Gaur. The Guar seed is source of the Guar Gum. The Guar seed is processed in the Guar Gum. Fortunately the Indian is growing 80 % Guar of the world and Western Rajasthan in growing 80 % Guar of the India. The demand of guar gum leaded to the high price rise of guar seed. Last month teh farmers enjoyed the rate of 35000/ quintle. The money was dumped and pumped in the western Rajasthan. Guar emerged as one of the most returning commodity of the world lacking behind the Gold. 

The Gaur Gum is highly industrialized product. It is used in Petroleum industry, Polymer industry, textile industry, plastic industry, Food preservation industry, bakery, juices, Noodles, Ice cream, printing industry. 

I will suggest to Indian farmer please try at list on 5 % area of your agriculture farm. It is green manure if you dont get any thing from guar, you can sell it in market as vegetable in green form, you can store as a cattle feed, you can earn money if the current market trend continue.

Please try don't hesitate. It is low water requirement crop, Low insect pest susceptible crop, It is short duration of 90 days crop. It can be grown in any land. 

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  1. hi, i am v.v.rao from hyderabad , andhra pradesh the information regarding guar gum is quite impressing i will try in it my fields.

  2. hi, i am v.v.rao from hyderabad , andhra pradesh the information regarding guar gum is quite impressing i will try in it my fields.