Guar gum exports in 2013-14 stood at Rs 11,734 crore with 48 % increase by volume

India Govt's organization has released the data of export of agricultural commodities from India. growth rate has been slow down from 24 .10% of last year t to 15.70 %  of this year. Guar gum powder export has emerged as major reason for slow down of  the agriculture export rate.

In 2013-14, India exported agriculture farm goods worth Rs 2,68,477 crore as against Rs 2,32,041 crore in 2012-13. In 2011-12, India had exported farm products worth Rs 1,86,970 crore.

The major reason behind decrease in guar gum export was the rate of guar gum . The rate of guar gum was remained steady throughout the year 2013-14. The average rate of guar gum seeds was INR 5000/ 100 Kg. 

It is noticed that the  there is sharp increase in volume in comparison to last year.  There volume wise it has increased 48 %  last year  there was decrease of 42.5 % . overall we can say by volume wise the export of guar gum has increase. 

This year it is expected that teh volume will increase as the carry forward of stock in international destination has come down. If the monsoon will normal or at a deviation up to 20 % then there will no any significant change in rate. The existing carry forward of farmers stock will  come out for sell in this year.   

Guar gum Export data of previous year 

  1. Year 2010-11       - Value INR    2,93,869.89  Lacs  or    2,938 Crore      Volume 4,41,607 MT
  2. Year 2011-12       - Value INR  16,52,386.70  Lacs  or  16,523 Crore      Volume 7,07,326 MT
  3. Year 2012-13       - Value INR  21,28,701.07  Lacs  or  21,287 Crore      Volume 4,06,311 MT
  4. Year 2013-14       - Value INR  11,73,452.54  Lacs  or  11,734 Crore      Volume 6,01,945  MT

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