Guar Seed ( Guar Gum) Cultivation : A useful crop cultivation

Guar Seed ( Guar Gum) Cultivation

Guar is the crop of the rain fed location. It does not mean that it will not require any take care. It will give very good result in the irrigated conditions. One can start the Guar cultivation in the low irrigation or rain fed condition. It is a normal crop which can be cultivated easily. Every stage and part of the plant is equally important. With a minimum guidance a normal farmer can grow it. After the sowing it need the proper weeding. As per the current market rate of the Guar. It is giving very good return to the farmers. This year the farmers of Rajasthan has enjoyed the Guar seed rate Rs 37,000/Quintal. There should not be the water logging condition in the farm. There should not be cloudy weather at the time of the crop maturity stage.

It can be used as fodder for cattle.
It can be used as green vegetable.
It can be used as green Manure.
It can be used as cash crop
It can be stored in any dry condition
It doesn't attract the insect pests. 

We provide complete details free of cost for the guar cultivation..I would suggest farmer community to use Guar as Crop cycle not for the finical terms. It will improve the soil health..

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