Monday, 21 January 2013

Guar Seed ( Guar Gum) Time of sowing

Summer crop of guar in northern India is sown in March, while kharif crop in June. For grain crop, the best time of sowing is during July. Early sowings result in more vegetative growth, lodging and loss of yield. The best sowing time for fodder crop is April. In Peninsular India, guar is sown in September. In South India, it is sown at any time between February to October. Guar sowing time is adjusted to May-June to increase supply of vegetable pods. Crop sown in June in Haryana and in July in Punjab gives better production of vegetable pods.

One can go for the guar crop as green manure purpose. More than 2 month old crop is plough back in the soil. The germination does'nt take place properly in low temperature.

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