Guar ( Guar Gum) Cultivation and Its scope

Guar is emerging as newly industrial crop in India. The demand of the crop is increasing day bay day. The Guar seed contain the guar gum, the Gum content. The Gum is easily soluble in cold water and there will be no change in the viscosity at high temperature. It is widely used in different industries like pharma, Natural gas industry, food processing, food industry, food additive, gelling agent , cattle feed, printing, textile, paper industry and other industries.


In the world major production comes from India only, Pakistan also produces good quantity guar seed. In India Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat are the major producing stage. Where Rajasthan contributes more than 70 % of total Indian Production, other major quantity comes from Gujarat and Haryana. Punjab also contributes good production.

Traditionally the farmers use guar as the fodder crop where they grow guar as a last option. Crop is very important for the farmers as first of all it is used as fodder crop; the fodder of guar is highly nutritive in nature, it is easy to digest, the cattle eat it easily.

Most of the cultivation comes from the rainfed area of the State, where Guar is grown on the basis of natural rainfall. The crop sustain in the adverse conditions. It gives very god production in the rain fed area. In some area of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana comes under the irrigated Guar. In irrigated area Guar gives around 20-25 Qt/ Hectare.


 A new are are coming under the cultivation on Guar crop in world, many countries are introducing guar as crop, it is already cultivated in USA, Spain, Austarlia and Many African Countries. May other countries are trying Guar as new crop. I regularly receive query from a lot of Growers.


Guar crop is emerging as Industrial crop. A lot of new application of Guar will be introduced. The demand of Guar gum powder will increase in the coming time. The current demand is related to the Hydraulic fracturing. The Guay gum is used a Gelling agent in the well drilling by the hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is the process of the drill in well horizontally, where Guar gel is used to send the Sand and silica particle in the cracks of shale formation rocks so that the hydrocarbon can move out easily from the well

The other used of guar gum like food additive in food items, in food preservation, in the meat production, in pharmaceutical industry, in the printing industry, in the textile industry.

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  1. I am a great admirer of Guar gum products.It is fascinating to know that it's usage is growing by the day especially in FOOD segment as an additive.I understand China is seriously looking at Guar gum as a safe substitute to other additives like gelatin in the light of recent controversies.It seems China imports 40000 qt.annually and the figure will ONLY RISE.I am impressed by Mr.Ganesh Prajapat's study on guar gum.