Carry forward Stock of Guar seed for 2014-2015 and Guar Seed & Guar Gum Prices in 2014-2015

Carry forward stock guar stock for year 2014-2015 

The carry forward stock of guar seed is major aspect to decide guar seed and guar gum  price. Farmers and traders are still having huge stock of guar seed.  Last year price stability and decline was due to carry forward of huge guar stock of 2012.   As an rough calculation  there is 5,00,000 MT guar seed stock of 2013 and 5,00,000  MT guar seed  stock of 2012,  5,00,000 MT guar seed stock of 2011 and before that. So total tally of carry forward guar seed stock is around. 15,00,000 MT. The available stock of guar seed for year 2014-15 will be around 30,00,000 MT.  The estimated consumption of guar seed  in (Year 2014-15) can be in between 22,00,000 MT - 25,00,000 MT. More or less 5,00,000 MT - to  8,00,000 MT buffer Guar seed stock will keep pressure on guar prices in year 2014 - 2015. If  price of guar seed go below the bracket of 3500-4000, then there is chances of  increase in consumption. In that case price consumption can cross the limit of 25,00,000 MT guar gum seed in year 2014-2015. But it is only possible if price of guar seed go below INR 3500/ 100 Kg. Till this consumption there will be pressure of carry forward Guar Seed Stock.