Seed treatment for Guar Crop Cultivation

Normally Guar is cultivated in the Rainfed area of western Rajasthan, South Punjab and west Haryana. but in the humid areas, where there are more chances of disease out-break, seeds are treated in the following ways.

i. Dry seed is coated with Ceresan or Thiram at the rate of 3 gm fungicide per kilogram of seed to kill the spores of fungus resting on the seed coat.

ii. Seed is immersed in hot water at 56 C for 10 minutes and then dried at room temperature before sowing. This kills all the fungus mycelium and inactivates their spores to spread disease in the crop. This treatment must be done under the supervision of expert . 

iii to remove the diseased and unhealthy plants by putting it in the salty water the light , small and diseased seed will come on the surface. then after washout the seed and dry them under shadow.

Seed treatment for Guar Crop Cultivation

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