Method of sowing of Guar ( Guar Gum ) Crop

Traditionally guar crop is sown by the broadcast method. Normally it is called "CHHIDAKA". If you want to go for broadcast method, then there must be sufficient soil moisture during the beginning of the rainy season. The field is roughly divided into long stripes of convenient size. The seed is evenly spread by hands over the surface of the field, while walking through the long stripes of the field. The field is ploughed after spreading the seed. 

This method does not ensure proper spacing and creates problems while hoeing, weeding and removing excessive rain water.

The grower will also face problems in the intercultural operations.

Method of sowing of Guar ( Guar Gum ) Crop

Line sowing with the help of tractors by seed-drill is useful in sowing. We can maintain the proper spacing and depth. This results in better seed germination. Line sowing is also useful for carrying out hoeing-weeding and removing excessive rain water.

In some area Guar is taken as mixed cropping the seeds are mixed with other crop. Normally in the Western Rajasthan it is taken with Bajara and Jwaar. The seed of pulses like Mung( green gram), chickpea is also mixed. 

It can be also used as inter-cropping with clear separate row between other crop rows.

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