Intercropping in Guar ( Guar Gum) Crop

Intercroping means taking two or more crop in the same farm or Plot. It doesn't mean taking two crop in separate separate plot.

Guar crop is taken for different different purpose. Like fodder purpose, grain purpose, green manure purpose. As per the use it is taken as intercrop with different crops. 

The guar for forage is generally grown mixed with jowar or bajra. This makes a well balanced, nutritious and palatable feed for cattle. Intercropping guar with other kharif season crops like cotton, sorghum, maize, etc serve dual purpose. It provides additional and timely returns and improves the soil fertility for the partner crop. Guar crop can also be taken as intercrop in sugarcane crop but be aware the ware logging condition may harm the Guar Crop.

Intercropping in Guar ( Guar Gum) Crop

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