Guar Seed( Guar Gum ) Cultivation : harvesting period & Seasonality

Guar Seed (Guar Gum ) harvesting period

A growing season of guar is 14 to 16 weeks and requires reasonably warm weather and moderate flashing rainfall with plenty of sunshine. Too much rain can cause the plant to become more 'leafy' resulting thereby reducing the number of pods or the number of seeds per pod which affects the size and yield of seeds. The crop is generally sown after the monsoon rainfall in the second half of July to early August and is harvested in late October early November. The Guar is a naturally rain fed crop. Depending on the monsoon rainfall the total size of Guar crop varies from year to year. After harvesting, when the pods become dry through sunlight, they are beaten off and during this process, the seeds come out of the pods.


The seed is normally sown during the second half of July to August after the monsoon rainfall starts, and harvested during October and November. The crop requires 3-4 spells of rain during seed setting and maturing, which is during September first week and the end of September


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