Guar ( Guar Gum ) Cultivation: A crop with huge potential

We are leading knowledge and technology provider for the guar or guar seed or guar gum in the world. The demand of the guar , guar seed and guar gum is increasing day by day.

The major consumption is from Oil and natural gass industry. The industry consume huge amount of the guar gum as a carrier for sending the sand and other material to the shale rock after the hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic Fracturing is a process of drill the oil well horizontally. The shale rocks are fractured by the hydraulic pressure. To make the rock at the fractured position it needs sand. So that the hydrocarbon can move freely and can be easily come out.

USA is using this technology and today USA is self sufficient in the natural gas. Now USA is not importing the Natural gas from other countries.

Now the same technology is being followed by China, Australia and other countries so that they can use this huge stock of the natural gas. After the drilling, one natural gas well can work for more the 50-60 years.

People are thinking to opt the alternate of guar but the guar is natural polymer so it doesn’t not create any problem for the environment. So the gaur is the first preference of this

Guar gum is also used in the industry like food processing. Guar gum is used as natural food additive for thickening the food item. The guar gum doesn’t change the taste and color of the food items. It is also mixed in the ice-cream to prevent it crystallization at deep temperature.

It is also used in other industries like , printing, paper industry, cattle feed industry, paint industry, and textile industries due to its unique properties.

The crop can be grown easily in the low water availability, it require long day hour and bit humid climate. The crop is grown successfully in India since centuries.

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