Guar and Guar gum are strong, will it profitable for farmers and traders.

Guar crop is a god gift for western Rajasthan. It runs economy of Guar cultivation belt. Guar is multipurpose crop. Guar improves soil condition where it is grown. It is used as green manure. There are rhizobium nodes in roots of Guar plant, which works as nitrogen fixation agent in soil.  Local people used guar as green vegetable. Guar beans are sold as high price vegetable in market. Naturally sun dried green guar pods are used as dehydrated vegetable.  After frying dried green pods are used as snacks. These snacks are very tasty. Guar is used as green fodder. Guar crop residual is major dry fodder for camel. Camel is main transport animal in desert area, over all camel is lifeline of desert area. Guar meal is given as concentrate to milking cattle and another animal.

With development, guar was started to export from India. Application of Guar were keep increasing. Ultimately guar reached at door steps of oil and natural gas industry, which keep moving to world. Farmers of Rajasthan directly connected to oil and & natural gas industry.  In current time western Rajasthan has connected with oil and natural gas industry as huge oil & gas deposit has found. Guar has knocked door of oil and natural gas industry before it.   As per primary estimated data released by Agriculture department of Rajasthan got, last year in Kharif -2017 guar was cultivated on 31,68,018 Hactare area.   

Guar has emerged as major farm export commodity from India. 6,65,177 MT; 3,25,250 MT; 3,25,250 MT Guar gum was exported from India in year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17. Guar contributes to our foreign exchange reserve. Rs 9479.93 Crore;  Rs 3,23,3.87 Crore;  Rs 3,10,6.62 crore values of guar gum was exported from India in year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17. Important fact is that, this foreign exchange is earned by Guar without any special govt investment or assistance. Govt invests and provides financial assistance to other agriculture commodities / farm produce in form of diesel subsidy, implement subsidy, water, electricity, tax rebate, cheap agriculture loan, crop centric agriculture research station, agriculture scientist. After these expenses other agriculture comes in situation of export. But Govt doesn’t make such expenses on Guar.

In between Guar keep drawing attention of complete world time to time with breaking news on its high price. Last time in year 2012 guar was sold at Rs 30,000/100Kg. This year production of Guar is lower than previous years and demand of Guar is increasing slowly and slowly. Major increasing demand is coming from Oil and natural Gas industry.

Currently prices of crude oil is high in comparison to last 2 -3 years. New oil drilling is continuous in USA.  In month of January production of crude oil will reach at historic level of 1.1 Crore (11 Million) barrels per day. Guar gum is major oil drilling chemical. Crude oil prices are growing in international market. If price of crude oil reaches around level of USD80/barrel and it becomes stable  then demand of guar gum use will increase.

This guar production is lesser then previous years due to poor climatic conditions. Prices of guar gum will rise with increasing demand. There are  possibilities that this year guar will give good return to farmers and traders.

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