Guar gum export demand will continue but upward price movement will depend on supply

Price of crude oil is increasing day by day. By the next month out put of crude oil will reach 12 Million (1.2 crore barrel per day. As per another estimate this production will increase up to 18 million barrels per day by 2019. It seems that crude oil exploration and drilling will continue.  Oil companies in USA are drilling and producing with their full capacity. Bigger oil producing countries are returning to USA and acquiring the oil filed from smaller companies at heavy price.  As per one estimate USA will increase its global share in oil production by 80 % up till year 2025. USA has already withdrawn its self-imposed ban on oil export in year 2015.

Oil drilling companies are upgrading their technologies so that oil production can be started very fast. Other countries will also start oil drilling through fracking technology due to increasing crude oil prices. Fracking technology has emerged as a game changer technology for oil production. Times consumption is low in fracking technology and it can also review / recharge the old oil well.

Indian guar gum industry was in lean period due to lower crude oil prices.  Many guar gum processing units were closed. These factories will open slowly and slowly. Demand of guar seed will increase with opening of these factories. Guar Meal Churi Korma is at its higher prices. Price of Korma is being traded around INR 2700/100Kg.   Arrival of guar has dropped below 20,000 bags per day. This guar production is lower than previous years and new crop will come after 9 months. 

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