Guar and guar gum prices are strong and demand is high in local market.

Guar and guar gum prices are strong in local markets. As per marketman this upward trend in guar and guar gum prices will continue this year. Yesterday January Guar and guar gum contract at forward market NCDEX, closed with downfall. Guar and guar gum contract closed with loss of Rs 44/ 100 Kg and Rs 195/100 Kg over opening prices of Yesterday at forward market NCDEX. Over all January contract closed with profit since its inception. February month is very important for gain in prices of Guar and guar gum.

February future contract of Guar and guar gum has closed with profit in NCDEX. Yesterday February future contract of Guar and guar gum was closed with gain of Rs 148/100 Kg and Rs 55/100 Kg. Most of contracts of Guar and guar gum are traded in February contract.  

This year there are two major fundamental factors for Guar and guar gum, price of crude oil and production of Guar. Demand of Guar and guar gum is taking prices upward. As it is a local commodity and prices are not stabilizing due to profit booking at upper level.  Due to long term investment in Guar prices will remain strong.  New commodity will come after 8 months.

Guar is major commodity of rainfed area of western Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Guajarat. Due to its unique quality and importance guar gum is major farm export from India. guar gum is utilized in many industries. application of guar gum is increasing day by day. There are many factors which influence the Guar and guar gum trade, like, international, regional, climatic, political, economic, environmental, weather, foreign exchange etc…

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