Improving crude oil will give stability to guar and guar gum price at current level

Today guar price recovered from last lower level. Guar price is strong enough in market. Guar gum is little weak from buying side. There is no ready-buyer in market. There is also pressure of contract realization in future market. Crude oil prices are improving regularly. Number of rig count in north America is also increasing.  Arrival of guar seed is poor in market. It is also expected to come down near future. 

Due to rise in soybean prices, price of guar meal / guar korma is improving regularly. There is good demand of roasted korma in international market. Normal korma is being sold around 2700/ Quintal generally roasted korma is sold more than it. Physical market of Guar is better than other Kharif commodities. In future market most of open interest has been shifted to February contract. January contract will settle with in next three days.  

Further movement in industry will depend on new export order for fast hydration guar gum powder and fresh export data of guar gum split and guar gum powder. Actual picture will come out in new export data. Now the prices will take time to stable on current level. For further prices movement there is requirement of price stabilization at this level. Movement in crude prices will also play a key role.

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