Guar seed (Guar Gum) cultivation exposure tour and Processing Industry visit

Any one want to get the on farm practical knowledge of Guar Cultivation can contact us. We will take you on tour for guar cultivation.

Guar as emerged as one of the major industrial crop. The crop has given very good return to the farmers of Western Rajasthan, (Totally Rain-fed and dry Area). This also a useful crop in many other ways like improvement in soil fertility, low cost of cultivation, Cattle feed, on the request of the growers we are organizing the tour of the Guar Crop Exposure. We are organizing two-three days tour program.

Tentative Time of Tour 
                                      September, 2014

Tour Program For Septamber, 2014 ( date will be informed later)

First Day:-

First Half

         Break fast
         Visit of the Guar crop farm, we will discuss on following topics
         How to prepare the land
         How to do the sowing
         How to manage the water
         How to manage the weeds
         How to do the harvesting and threshing
         Other important aspect of guar crop in the field.


Second Half

Visit of Historic place / or Discussion


Second Day :- 

First Half 

         Break fast
         Visit of the Guar gum factory, we will discuss on following topics
         Market and Use of Guar Seed
         Utilization of Guar seed.
         Processing of guar seed in the Cattle feed and Gaur Gum
         Export potential and process of the export of Guar Crop

Second Half
         Visit of Tourist place / or Discussion

Tentative Schedule:-

First Day: Arrival at Jaipur
Second Day- First Day of Tour
Third day:-Second Day of Tour, Departure from Jaipur

In this Tour we will discuss on
             Guar history
             Current market of India,
             Major production area of guar,
             Cultivation of guar
             Storage of guar
             Guar making flow chart,
             Guar gum value chain,
             Global trade of guar,
            Quality standards,
            Documentation for export,
            Govt Schemes,
            Market potential,
            Market analysis of major market of Guar,
            Competitive analysis,
            Export data,
            Major Industries,
            Major aspects of Guar Crop

Please register yourself. The final schedule and arrangement of the stay will be notified after 10th September, 2014.  Any one who, is interested please contact us immediately

For International partiucipents one to one dedicated tour can be also organized as per request

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