Expecting record guar seed production from Rajasthan in year 2014 - 2015 as area of Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation has increased

Initially low rainfall and drought condition in this Kharif ( Rainy Season ) crop  worked as a reagent in increase of Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation area. This is called GUARTEK EFFECT in economics.

What is GUARTEK EFFECT effect ?? 

---> In extreme and adverse condition, economic behavior of  human activity leads to natural economic practices.

Its implication in " Increase of guar culitvation Area in Rajasthan in Kharif ( Rainy Season ) Crop.

Every one was in tension due to El-nino effect ( expectation of poor rainfall ).  There were clear probability of complete drought year in guar growing belt of  Rajasthan, Haryan, Punjab and Gujarat. Initial rainfall was under 80- 90 % deficient condition in this region.  Farmer were waiting for good and regular rainfall to start sowing. This year Manson arrival and  activation was very late.  These condition leaded to increase in Guar  seed ( Guar Gum ) cultivation area. In these condition farmer adopted guar as a drought resistant crop, which was a natural crop of this area since centuries. It is a true example of GUARTEK EFFECT.

There are following two major reason behind this Increase.

Reason 1 :- Replacement of high water requirement crop cultivation area by Guar seed ( guar gum ) crop cultivation area in irrigated area.

In irrigated area farmer were not sure if they will able to get the regular supply of the irrigation water during this cropping period from Canal or tube-well, because if it would have drought year then there would not have proper recharge of ground water and  irrigation project dam. There were chances that high water requirement crop can die in between. Farmer was not suer about the economic return from high these crop. he wanted to keep his cost of cultivation under control. Guar was a best alternate for him, he adopted it. 

Reason 2 :- Replacement of other crop cultivation area by Guar seed ( guar gum )  crop cultivation area in rain fed area. 

In drought area, farmers don't have too much options, generally farmer go for Bajara, Mung, Moth and Guar seed ( guar gum ). In these crop, Guar seed ( guar gum ) is only cash crop. farmer were not sure about the good rainfall so was not sure about good production. The rate of Guar seed ( guar gum ) was stable during last two three year , which is double, triple, four time to other commodity price. Guar seed ( guar gum ) has industrial application so farmers were sure about demand of Guar seed ( guar gum ) crop, that it will increase if there were any adverse condition. other rest three crop have alternate like Bajara is used as food crop, it can be replaced by any other food crop. rest two crop are pulse, which can be replaced by any other pulses. Guar don't have any alternate , so farmer shifted toward  Guar. In the late activation of Manson farmer started sowing with Guar  in rain fed area to keep himself at safer side. Guar is also as good source of green Vegetable for human and fodder for cattle .   

Rajasthan contribute around 70% - 80 % of total guar production and Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation of India. The safe type of activity is also adopted in the guar growing belt of Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. We expect increase in total Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation area throughout the India. small contribution can be from Maharashtra, Andhra, Telangana and M.P. Later rainfall is continue and good so we expect that guar crop will be good.

If the climatic condition will be in favor , than there are chances that, in this year total production of Guar seed ( guar gum ) can cross last year production. Last year it was a record production of 2,80,00,000 - 3,00,00,000 bags of Guar seed. This year it will cross last year production specially in Rajasthan.

There is no doubt in Normal guar seed  production. An expected bracket of normal crop is 18,00,000 MT - 24.00.000 MT Guar seed production..  

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