Guar seed ( guar gum ) Cultivation area has increased in Rajasthan due to initial low rainfall and drought conditions

As per data released by Govt of Rajasthan it has found that the Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation area has increased in comparison to sowing of of last year till date. Initial statics show that this year total area under guar cultivation till 7th August, 2014, is  2.75  Million ( 27.5 Lac)  Hectare. During last year Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation was only 2.32 Million ( 23.2 Lac )  Hactare.  It is sharp increase of  around 19 %  . 

It is also observed that same trend keeps going.  In  same trend it is expected that it will cross Total showing of last year which was  5 Million ( 50 Lac)  Hectare. This year guar sowing/ Guar seed ( guar gum ) cultivation  area will be at record level. 

This year we can expect a bumper production, because the late rainfall is sufficient for better crop. There can be some effect on early crops but after the rainfall crop is standing in good condition. Might be total production can be lesser than last year but this year  production will be much higher than last 5 year Average. 

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