Guar seed and guar gum price are stable in spot market but future contracts are downward due to falling crude oil

Prices of Guar seed and guar gum price are sluggish and downward in the forward market due to falling crude oil prices. Guar seed and guar gum price are stable in spot markets. Crude oil price is falling in the international market due to increase inventory of crude oil in USA. Impact of the same is disturbing the upward movement of Guar seed and guar gum price.  Marketmen as associating crude oil price fall with increased inventory. Leading market research and monitoring organization Goldman Sech is telling the different story. As per Goldman sech prices of crude oil will cross USD80/barrel level with in 6 months.

As per market information falling of crude oil is happened due to some external factors, it  has not dropped due to internal factors of oil industry.  There are downward movement in financial markets. impact of the same leaded to crude price fall.

Arrival of Guar seed is still very poor in local markets. It may increase with weeklong price fall. But there are lesser possibilities that guar seed will come in market. Guar Churi Guar Korma is still very strong in market. It is being traded. One of leading exporter Guar products is exporting good quality PP bag packed Guar korma with base price of 2900/100Kg. Other cost of related to export and packing are extra.

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Gwar gum farming/guar gum cultivation 

Guar seed and guar gum price are performing better than expectations. February expectation was 4500/100Kg but guar seed is performing far better than that. Good quality of guar seed is traded at Rs 4650/100Kg and average quality guar seed is traded at Rs 4600/100 Kg. Standard quality guar gum is traded at Rs 10300/100 kg. In interior location, guar is traded up to 4300/100 Kg. guar seed is being traded week in the future market. At NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd) guar seed-10MT is being traded at Rs 4512, 4576, 4630 lower  by 1.14 percent or INR 52/100 Kg, 1.06 percent or INR 49/100 Kg, 1.19 percent or INR 56/100 Kg with open interest of 84120, 151410, 16500  for February, March and April month.

Guar gum is being traded weak in the future market. At NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd) Guar gum- 5MT is being traded at Rs 10162, 10320, 10448 lower  by 1.21 percent or Rs 123/100Kg, 1.15 percent or Rs 118/100 Kg, 0.46 percent or Rs 48/100 Kg with open interest of 13110, 65740, 1575 for February, March and April contract.

Guar seed and guar gum price, there is no any major concern. Price don’t move one direction for long time. Guar seed price will cross  INR 5000/100Kg level in February. Whole financial market is in down word trend.

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