Export of guar products has declined by 5.5%.

In first quarter of current financial year Guar gum export has declined by 5.55%. There was 1,27,700 MT export of guar products from April 2019 to June 2019. During the same period in last year from there was 1,35,210 MT export of Guar products from April 2018-June 2018. Generally export of guar gum products remains low in the first quarter as it is starting of financial year. New contracts of export will be signed after first quarter in new financial year. Overall export of guar products is increasing continuously since last 4-5 years.

There is good rainfall in Guar cultivation belt in current month of “SHRAVAN”. Rainfall has covered most of irrigated Guar cultivation area. Rain fed area of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Nagaur, Jalore, Sirohi and Bikaner has received deficit rainfall. Right now it is too late for rainfall for sowing. As per Rajasthan govt data guar sowing has completed on 78.2% area of targeted guar sowing area. This year govt has targeted guar sowing on 31,00,000 hectare area. As on 08th August,2019 guar sowing has completed on 24,24,200 hectare area. During the same period of last year Guar sowing was completed on 28,06,000 hectare area.

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Oil rig count in USA has also dropped by 123 in comparison to previous year. As per baker Hudges oil rig count data, 934 oil rigs are active in USA. This week oil rigs have declined by 8 rigs as on previous week oil rig count. Decline in oil rig count is sign of low consumption of guar gum powder in USA. Oil rigs have dropped both in USA and Canada. But there is improvement in international oil rig count.

Prices of Guar have improved during last week due to news of poor rainfall and expectation of lower guar crop production. In future prices of guar will depend on production of guar and crude oil prices. International crude oil prices are down right now due to increased inventory in USA and geopolitical conflicts. Trade war between USA and China is escalating. Both countries are opening new fronts of tradewar. Crude oil prices are very sensitive to geopolitics and global trade disputes.

In this week NCDEX guar seed price is INR 4317/Quintal for 20thAugust contract. BSE guar seed price for 30th August contract is INR 4374/Quintal; NCDEX spot price is INR 4361/Quintal. NCDEX guar gum price is INR 8639/Quintal for 20thAugust contract. BSE guar gum price for 30th August contract is INR 8781/Quintal, NCDEX spot price is INR 8715/Quintal. In local physical markets (Mandi) guar seed prices is INR 4400/Quintal and guar gum prices is INR 9000/Quintal.

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