Guar crop sowing has completed on 89% of target guar sowing area

Rainfall in August month has improved in Guar growing belt especially in rainfed guar growing belt. Guar sowing area has also increased with improved rainfall. As per latest available data, Guar sowing has completed on 27,56,000 Hectare Area. That is 89 % of the guar sowing target, this is year Rajasthan Govt has target guar sowing on 31,00,000. It is expected that rest of targeted guar sowing will complete by the end of August month.

There is full moisture in soil and environment in the August month. It is favorable for guar plant growth and biological development. If condition will remain same in September month then there will be good Guar crop. Longer cloudy period can become favorable condition for the disease and insect outbreak. Till now no attack of insect and disease has noticed in guar growing belt. This is starting of crop cultivation period. Next round of rainfall with interval of 15-20 days is very important for good crop production. 

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Guar crop sowing has completed on 89% on target guar sowing area 
 Crude oil prices have plunged in trade ware between USA and China. CHINA has made decision to impose 5% terrify duty on US crude oil import. Except the fuel production, a lot of chemicals, polymers and fibre are produced from the crude oil. Crude oil is very important to run the Global economy. Plunged crude oil prices are sign of increased dispute in geopolitics, slowdown of global economy, over supply of crude oil in market.

Oil and natural gas industry is the major consumer of Indian guar gum powder. Light crude production is increasing in USA. Guar is used in light crude oil production by fracking technology. Though USA is producing 11.0 million Barrel per Day, USA is still importing heavy crude oil for its refinery. Except crude oil, Cattle feed is second largest consumer of Indian Guar as Guar meal/ Guar protein. Oil rig count gas decreased in USA. As per Backer Hudges, currently 916 Oil rigs are active in USA, this count 128 less than previous year. 

As per current market analysis of Guar, factors don’t support guar prices above the 5000 level. Expectation of normal guar crop and poor export demand, of the guar gum powder will not let the guar prices to go above 5000 level. In first quarter of current financial year (2019-2020) from April to June, 1,27,700 MT guar products has exported. During the same period of previous year ( 2018-2019) 1,35,210 MT guar products were exported.

In this week NCDEX guar seed price is INR 4305/Quintal for 20thSeptember contract. BSE guar seed price for 30th August contract is INR 4206/Quintal; NCDEX spot price is INR 4250/Quintal. NCDEX guar gum price is INR 8405/Quintal for 20thSeptember contract. NCDEX spot price is INR 8369/Quintal. In local physical markets (Mandi) guar seed prices is INR 4300/Quintal and guar gum prices is INR 8500/Quintal.

Prices of guar have declined due to poor export demand and sluggish business activities. Spot demand of Guar is low. Buyers will be targeting to buy fresh guar crop in November and December. There are only two months to come fresh crop in market. Fresh crop have good moisture and it is easy to process it. Guar gum recovery remains high in fresh crop in comparison to stored Guar of last years.

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ग्वार की बीजाई निर्धारित लक्ष्य के 89% क्षेत्र में पूरी हुई l


  1. गणेश जी पहली बात तो आप ये मान लो कि गुआर ओर क्रुड में कोई आपसी तालमेल नही है और रही बिजाई की बात तो ये सरकारी आंकड़े है सरकार को अपने लक्ष्य तक पहुचना है और एक बात ये समझ नही आ रही है कि जब बाजार मंदी के चपेट में रहता है तब आप 5000 को बोलते है और जब बाजार तेज़ी का माहौल बनता है तब आप बोल ते हो दूर रहो ओर आपको याद होगा लास्ट ईयर भी गुआर ऑक्टबर में ही तेज़ हुआ था तो भाइयो अभी बाजार तेज़ ही रहेगा गुआर का

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