Guar sowing area has decreased by 40% in comparison to last year.

Govt of Rajasthan has released latest data on Kharif crop sowing till 18th July 2019. As per these data Guar sowing has completed on 865000 Hectare area, which is 27.9% of the targeted Guar sowing. Last year guar sowing was completed on 14,55,000 hectare area during the same period. This year there is 40 % drop in guar sowing area in comparison to previous year. Rajasthan is major guar producing state in India. If the sowing area in Rajasthan will drop then production of Guar will also come down. This year Agriculture department of Rajasthan has targeted Guar sowing on 31, 00,000 Hectare.

Guar growing belt is completely dry. Except few patches most of area is facing the shortage of rainfall. There is no sufficient moisture for new guar crop sowing. Existing guar crop is dying due to shortage of rain. Deficient rainfall was predicted by the international weather agencies due to Al-nino in March-April. Local metrological & weather agencies predicted that monsoon would be normal in last of May and June. Situation of rainfall is poor in whole India. This year most of rain fed crop sowing area has dropped. 

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As per Vikrimi/Hindu calendar Shrawan month has started in this week. Generally Shravan and Bhadrpad are considered as month of rainfall. Hopefully situation will improve in these two months. Crop of irrigated area can be sown with ground water or other irrigation water but it is must in rain fed area, after sowing subsequent rainfall is also important for crop development. 

Demand of guar gum powder may drop due to drop in Oil rig count. As per backer huge oil rig count data, 954 oil rigs are active in USA, which is 92 rigs lesser than same period of previous year. Inventory of crude oil has increased in USA. Tension between Iran and Western countries is increasing due to capture of commercial Ships by England and Iran. If tension escalates into the war then Oil prices may boost and demand of guar gum may increase in international market. Shipping of Oil may be tight and dangerous due to further escalations. 

Prices of Guar have fallen during last week due to poor export demand and sluggish business. Though export of guar is increasing but people are linking guar with crude oil. Oil prices are plunged in geopolitics so market man sees the future of Guar gum as plunged. Uses of guar are also increasing in other industries, so demand will keep increasing continuously. 

In this week NCDEX guar seed price is INR 4302/Quintal for 20thAugust contract. BSE guar seed price for 31th July contract is INR 4304/Quintal; NCDEX spot price is INR 4350/Quintal. NCDEX guar gum price is INR 8682/Quintal for 20thAugust contract. BSE guar gum price for 31th July contract is INR 8781/Quintal, NCDEX spot price is INR 8831/Quintal. In local physical markets (Mandi) guar seed prices is INR 4400/Quintal and guar gum prices is INR 9000/Quintal.

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