Guar export has increased by 14.27% in year 2018-2019

As per the data released by APEDA and Agriculture ministry, total export of guar products from April-2018 to March-2019 is 5,13,218 MT, which is 64,093 MT higher than last year. Last year export of guar gum was 4, 49,125 MT. This is positive news for the guar farmers and guar gum exporters that guar products export has increased by 14.27%. This year Guar has generated the foreign exchange of 675 Million USD or equal to 4707 Crore Indian rupees. 

Guar is third largest exportable agriculture commodity after Basmati Rice, Normal Rice and Meat. Other agriculture commodities consume a lot of resources like water, electricity, land, farm inputs. These agriculture commodities also consume financial assistance and subsidy from Govt. Guar is totally different from it. Guar is a rainfed crop cultivated in dry area. Guar doesn’t consume any natural resources and it is not depended on Govt subsidy. 

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Guar has emerged as major exportable commodity. But farmers are not benefiting due to volatility in commodities markets and speculations. As per the available data Guar is being exported at USD 1315/MT or INR 91/Kg, while farmers are getting INR 40-43 /Kg for their guar in current guar production cycle. 

There was landing of Feni cyclone in Orisa. As per metrological experts there will be no effect of FENI cyclone on arrival of monsoon. If arrival of monsoon remains normal and timely then there are possibilities that guar cultivation area will shrink. Farmer may opt other Kharif pulses crop for sowing due to lower prices of Guar in recent years. 

The farmers who want to go for Guar sowing should do a soil turning deep ploughing of their farm in May and June month. Soil born disease will be controlled with the help of deep ploughing. If there was attack of root rot disease in previous crop then don’t plan for guar sowing in same plot/patch of farm. Farmers should buy or book their seed in advance. Please buy the Bavistin / carbendazim for seed treatment against fungal disease. 

There is pressure of good Monsoon on Guar prices. Arrival of Guar in market is approximately nil. There will be demand of Guar in current month as Guar sowing seed. There will total demand of 30,000-35000 MT as seed. Guar prices are around INR 4300/100Kg and guar gum prices are around 8900/100kg in local market.

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