Export of Guar Gum products has increased by 49.15 % till January 2018,

As per export data released by APEDA value of export of Guar gum has increased by 49.15%. During this financial year, Guar gum export from April-17 to January-18 was 4,05,625 MT. Last year during the same period from April-16 to the January-17 export of Guar gum was 3,12,949 MT only. There is an increase of 92,676 MT or 29.61 % in quantity of Guar gum products for the same period from April- to January. Last year from April- 2016 to January-2017, we exported Guar gum, values of INR 2305,00,00,000 (2305 crore) or 343 Million USD, for the same period during this year from April-17 to January-18 India exported Guar gum value of INR 3290,00,00,000 (3290 Crore) or 511 Million USD. Last year from April-16 to the January-17-unit value of Guar gum export was 1095 USD/MT this year for the same period from April-17 to the January-18-unit value of Guar gum export is 1260 USD/MT. In Indian rupees, there is an increase of 42.75% INR and in USD it is an increase of 49.15% in value of export of guar gum.

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Only in the January-18 month, there was an export of 40,170 MT of Guar gum. Export of Guar gum will keep increasing with increase and stability of crude oil prices. Crude oil prices have stabilized during February month. Oil companies in the USA are continuously increasing their production of crude oil through hydraulic fracturing/fracking process even OPEC has decided to cut the oil production. Prices of crude oil are stable due to production cut by OPEC even Shale oil production in USA is increasing.  Shale crude oil production industry in the USA encashing the scenario of crude oil production cut by the OPEC.

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